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Probably yes, connecting the RS transmitter to the composite audio output jacks (L/R) on the back of the Vizio TV.

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Dec 26, 2014 | 260 views

I hope this may help you.. visual is always my best teacher.. if not then refer to the manual

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Dec 26, 2014 | 230 views

If it always is on the same side, check your hearing..could be that you may have diminished hearing on one side

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Dec 03, 2014 | 86 views

you have to unsolder the wires on the coil assembly then pull everything out through the bottom. replace the bad wire, reassemble the xlr end and resolder the wires to the coil.

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Aug 09, 2014 | 107 views

I assume you mean the mic plug/jack. Bent pins or broken connectors will require a new jack and/or plug installed and they are not easy to do. These 3.5 mm jack connectors require both a light touch during install and soldering. If you're a pro then start shopping for a replacement 3.5 mm mono jack but be warned. The jack may solder directly to the PC board....which reminds me. Look for broken connections from jack to PC board..a common failure point and resolder as needed.

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Jun 04, 2014 | 107 views

This doesn't sound good...mic cartridges are pretty fragile and is why I recommend buying quality mic's so that a few "drops" won't change the sound. That being said, the Sen MD431 is over $400 which should mean either you gave it one heck of an impact, or the mic has a manufacturing defect. Try returning for factory service BUT request an estimate B-4 repair.

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Adjust mixer boa

If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at

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you might check to make sure that your gain isnt to high many times this can negatively effect your sound quality

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Mar 30, 2014 | 514 views

Never used them, but distorted outputs indicates you are over-driving them, connected them to 'speaker out' rather than 'headphone out', Or you have already blown the drivers. Connect to a different sound source and see how they work then. You likely will not get a loud boom from any headset.

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Dec 28, 2013 | 109 views

get new earphones those are cheap or you can adjust the head phone volume in the ipod or iphone in setings

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Dec 23, 2013 | 192 views

It may be a hearing problem.

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Dec 23, 2013 | 598 views

need more information.
what model?
handheld or beltpack? microphone or instrument?
check transmitter and receiver are set to same frequency.
does a different transmitter work with the receiver?
does the receiver show the transmitter is functioning (ie receiving rf) but not receiving audio signal (af)?

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Nov 07, 2013 | 144 views

You should be able to hook the tv to the cable box the cable box should have your A/V jacks. If so unplug the PS3 plug in your receiver to the cable box and run the PS3 through the receiver. Also check the side of the tv for HDMI inputs if you have HMDI you can go to Radio Shack and get a converter to go from HDMI into A/V

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Nov 07, 2013 | 418 views

If you are using Nickel-Metal Hydride, rechargeable batteries, they are not designed to hold a charge for a week---just a couple of days if that. They are meant to be continuously charged or when charged, used immediately; best use for cameras/flash.

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Nov 06, 2013 | 86 views

They must be selected to be on the same channel. Usually a color code indicates a matched set.

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Aug 26, 2013 | 43 views

No, finding spares for Headphones is difficult since they are all different, it's not the same as cabinets or speakers. You are better off buying a new pair and keeping your old ones as a spare.

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Jun 08, 2013 | 416 views

You could try super gluing on another tip or something that is the same size as the original tip and use that as a button.

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on May 03, 2013 | 87 views

Hi Cathy.. it sounds like you might be connected to the wrong jacks instead of the output that the headphones need.

Most high quality stereo headphones have a single 1/4" stereo plug that would readily plug into a 1/4" jack on the front of the stereo labeled "PHONES" or HEADPHONES".

Many lower quality "computer headphones" or headsets have two 1/8" plugs. One is often black or red and is for an included microphone that may be a boom type (shown below) connected to one of the speakers or an "in-line" type built into the cord itself. The headphone speakers in the headset get their signal from the other plug - which is usually green; but could be any color really. There should be 3 metal parts on the stereo headphone plug. The tip, the middle ring and the bottom ring. Many times the mic is mono (not stereo) and only has only a tip and a bottom ring on the plug. You can see stereo headphone and microphone plugs he picture below:

Computer Headphones or "Headset" with mic and phone plugs.

Your Yamaha stereo will probably NOT have 1/8" jacks to directly plug the headphone into. You can buy an adapter that you would plug your headphones into and then plug the adapter into the 1/4" jack on the stereo. One is pictured below:

Front and rear views of a "1/4" to 1/8" Stereo Adapter Plug" The front plugs into the stereo and the the smaller 1/8" headphones plug into the rear.

I hope this helps & good luck!

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Jan 22, 2012 | 584 views

I think this is common problem for headphones. To fix it you will have to solder cord's wires back to plug. If you have tools and some experience you'll be fine

Sennheiser Audio... | Answered on Aug 17, 2011 | 412 views

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