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Yes, one will be an earth, one to the cord socket tip (that one is OK as does play), and one as you have said. It sounds like the wire to the tone pot has come off.

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Go to either Fender, Gibson, or another guitar company, and look up wiring diagrams. Anything with 2 humbuckers and a switch is wired essentially the same.

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this should be what you need, albeit for a different guitar. 1 vol, 1 tone, and a 3way pickup switch. your wire colors may be different, but follow them from place to place and youll be good to go. any nonshielded wire from a pickup is a ground, as well as generally one other wire from the pickup will be a ground. if there are 2 wires from the pickup, and both pickups are the same, it doesnt matter which you choose for a ground and lead, as long as you do the same for each pickup.,%201%20vol,%201%20tone,%203-way%20toggle,%20no%20coil%20switching%20igwatermark.gif

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Hi rbtguthrie,
You may refer to the wiring diagram in this website:
I hope this helps.

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Some tuners have a weird mode that one presses the button once and the tuner will pass the audio until it times out, then tuner and audio stop. Two presses kills audio while tuner works for a time period and then goes dead. A third press enables audio to pass for normal playing. These are confusing compared to other type built in tuners. If you have one of these read the CONFUSING instructions carefully...

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How to Change Strings on a Dean Vendetta Guitar

Dean Vendetta is a company that makes a wide range of electric guitars. These guitars are used by famous musicians and bands such as Alice in Chains and Megadeath. If you own a Dean Vendetta guitar, you will need to change the strings periodically in order to keep your guitar sounding bright and crisp. Without changing the strings, your instrument will sound dull due to dirt and oil build-up on the strings.


Things You'll Need:

* Dean Vendetta guitar
* String winder
* Guitar strings
* Electronic tuner
* Wire cutters

Locate the high E string. This is the string that is highest and thinnest and closest to the ground when you play the guitar.

Loosen the high E string by turning its tuning key counterclockwise. Use a string winder for this if you have one. Pull the string off of the tuning peg and out through the bridge.

Insert a new high E string through the hole in the bridge, up the neck, to the head of the guitar.

Thread the string through the hole in the tuning key so that about two inches extends beyond the hole.

Hold the string at the top end of the neck in one hand as you turn the tuning key clockwise with the other hand. A string winder makes this task much easier.

Continue to wind the string until it tightens to pitch. Use an electronic tuner to check the pitch.

Clip off the excess string with wire cutters.

Repeat these steps to install the B, G, D, A, and low E strings.

Tips & Warnings

Expect to re-tune often for the first few hours after installing the new strings, as they tend to stretch quite a bit at first.

Hope it helped.

Thanks for using fixya..

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If the wiring is correct on the guitar, try plugging it in to a different amp. If you still don't get any sound, the problem may be a faulty volume or tone potentiometer (or pot. The knob, for simpler words). These are fairly easy to replace if you know how to solder. If not, then watch this video:

You can get the pots from Musician's Friend, Guitar Center, or any music store that carries guitar parts.

If that doesn't fix it, then the problem is in your pickups. You can get "aftermarket" pickups through the above mentioned dealers, and you're not restricted to the original pickups.

What you replace them with will affect your tone, so do some research before settling on a set of pickups. Active pickups will give you more gain (great for nu-metal and hi-gain applications) and have lower output noise, but they require batteries. Passive pickups have no need for batteries, but tend to produce slightly more noise and hum.

Hopefully, it's the pots. That will be the cheaper fix, since they run about $2-$4USD each. Pickups can range from $100-$500USD a set.

Hope that helps!

Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at

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can be a number of things . i'll do my best with a check list. 1. Are they active pick ups.? (they need power source , usually 9 volt battery). 2. Check your cords. 3. check your amp. ( what i do, if you can, use a guitar that you know works. and check cords and amp with that. or try your guitar thru a different amp).AND THAT'S IF,. as you say your wiring is correct , and you've eliminated that part of it .I'd start with that

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Here is a site:

In the schematic ignore all the extra switches and junk. The output jack and volume control is all you need to wire it back up. The view of the volume control is from the back.

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hard to say without seeing. are the wires coming from the pick ups? Or Input jack? or?

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This model comes with a whammy; If you have the one at this link: You are better off saving money and getting the one at the first link. Here is why Parts:,_tailpieces/Electric_guitar_tremolos/Floyd_Rose_tremolos_and_parts.html Routing: or You need the tools and skills necessary to take a guitar that has a different bridge system and install a tremelo system.

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Try this link:

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If nobody has changed the wiring in this guitar, suspect either a broken wire or possibly a cracked resistance element in the volume pot. This can happen if the knob on it takes a blow.

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Does the jack have any wires connected to it? Can you tell where the disconnected wires originate? Typically, the wire from the middle ear of the volume pot should go to the tip of the jack, and the wire from the back of the tone pot goes to the sleeve of the output jack. You will get no output if either of these wires are disconnected. Also, the next question is "why" did they come loose? That's usually because one of the pots is not tightened down, and is allowed to spin when the volume or tone knob is turned, breaking the wire's contact. Pull the knob off the pot, and tighten the nut down so the pot can't turn. This will assure you won't have the same problem again.

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Here is a link with all the info:

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Search this site for configuration matching your unit for wiring diagram:

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