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On page 28 of your user manual there is a block diagram. You will find the outputs on the right side of the drawing... They will innclude the mains, the mono, the subs and aux andd the tape outputs. There are a bunch and many are stereo types.

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You can do a major amount of troubleshooting using tests from the many jacks on this unit.
I can walk you through a lot of those if you keep getting back to me with the results. First test: When the failure occurs does one or both sides of the headphones plugged in the headphone jack ALSO quit? Also does the level meter LED's reflect loss of signal? If these are still OK I want you to plug the headphones into the MAIN MIX MONO OUT jack. The headphone signal won't be very strong, but is it OK and not distorted.

I hope you have remembered to use BALANCED (TRS) audio interconnect cables and not plain mono cables from your mixer to the amps. Use of mono cables shorts out one side of the balanced output driving amps in the mixer. Also the other send of these MUST connect to balanced amplifier inputs... NOTE some amps don't have this and you have to use a BALUN or a DI at that end.

Lastly, ALL inteconnected equipment MUST be powered from the same source or receptacle for system safety.

Feel free to contact me via email or whatever.

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With LED intensity changing with operations, that MIGHT be a symptom of the power supply going into current limiting mode.

The first thing I would do is to check the power supply voltages with an oscilloscope to assure that the voltages are stable and not dipping...

Now from my experience when I hear that a transformer had to be replaced that means it suffered over voltage or under frequency. I would IMMEDIATELY suspect that one or more of the rectifier diodes might be open. With only half wave into the caps the voltage will dip below what the regulators can handle giving weird effects. Check the +/- 16 volts with a scope that they are PURE DC and don't have ripple due to either damaged diodes or C6 or C7 being degraded. I assume you have a schematic... if you don't here is a link:

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The best way is to use a two-way crossover between the mixer and the amplifiers. In your case, the low output from teh crossover would go to the powered subs, the highs to the QSC. Use the crossover adjustment to set the frequency crossover point to get the sound quality you require.


Mackie 1604 ---> Crossover --- Highs ---> QSC --->Speakers
-----> Crossover --- Lows ---> Powered Subs.

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You MAY be overdriving the sound card. Near flat should work for vocal, but setting the levels throughout the mixer is important as well as the sound card. You can use the LOW CUT to reduce hum if you have noisy system. Describing balancing the levels is more than I can do here. There are many good videos about mixer setup on You cannot "fix" problems created by improper levels and noise injected into the system using the EQ.
What is important is to see that all gain controls and faders are around mid range to 70% when operating normally. You should be using BALANCED lines everywhere possible either XLR or TRS cables. ALL interconnected equipment should be powered from the same receptacle or power source INCLUDING all amps and powered speakers. Often users use unbalanced lines from mixers to sound boards and pick up noise or they have the levels set wrong between the mixer and sound board resulting in clipping and distortion or poor signal-to-noise ratio.

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If the faders have become noisy, they may be changing due to poor contact. Try putting a small amount of CRC226 in the center of the slot of each fader and then move fader knob to top and bottom. CRC226 is available in the electrical department of Home Depot in a small can with spout... about $2.70

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The manual can be downloaded from the link below.



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These units are not the easiest to open up without damage. The lager has likely evaporated and left behind some residue. Yes the pc board it attached by allen screws. Each control must be removed as well. This unit requires a complete clean with an electronics wash. It is possible that there is some corrosion as well. Please have this cleaned professionally and checked. It is in your best interest in the long run.


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First thing: Make sure you are using balanced audio connections... XLR or TRS cables.

Next make sure ALL, and I do mean ALL interconnected equipment is powered from the same receptacle or source.

Ground loops by running mixer from a receptacle at one end of a room and speakers and amplifiers from the other is asking for not only noise, but possible damage due to ground bounce on the audio lines. Run an extension to the mixer if you are using a snake for example.

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This is vague,,, there are so many outputs, knobs, LED's that I suspect you have not tried the right combination. I have no idea what your signal sources are... mics... tape... etc.

To start, turn the trim control of one channel that you have a signal source connected. Set all the EQ controls and the pan CONTROLS TO 12 O'CLOCK.

Check that you can trigger the clip light with high level of input. Press the solo button for that channel and using a set of headphones listen for any signal... turn the headphone level up and the slider for that channel...

First do your basic checks,,, try EACH mute button and see the LED light... try each solo button and see that each will light AND also that ANY solo light will cause the RUDE solo light to come on...

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first, you will need a passive crossover, i do not believe that the mono out of the mixer has a crossover., if the amp does not have a crossover. you could use the "mono" output, and split the signal, with an adapter, to both channels of the crossover, then run both of the low outs to the 2 channels of the amp. or, you could hook the crossover to the main laft and right outputs of the board. send the 2 low outs, left and right, to the subs' amp, and send the two high outs, left and right, to the main speakers' amp.

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Using two balanced lines either TRS or XLR depending on what is on your M audiointerface, connect the L and R main outputs of the mixer to the L and R inputs of the M Audio. You will need recording software on your computer.

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ok, first thing will be the effects processor. look for the "aux sends" output jacks near the bottom center of the rear panel. run a 1/4 inch instrument cable from "aux send" 3 out into the input on the vocal processor, and run another from aux 4, if the effects processor has 2 inputs. then, from the vocal processors output, run 1/4 inch cables back into the "stereo returns" on the mixer, (located on the rear panel on the bottom, extreme left) 2 outputs per input, since its making stereo effects. so, if you ran just send 3 into the processor, you should have a left and right return instrument cables into the mixer for "stereo return" 3 (left and right). if your processor has 2 imputs, and you are using both "aux send" 3 and 4, then you will have to have a pair of cables going to each "stereo return" for 3 & 4. -to apply effects to a microphone(s), you would adjust the individual aux send levels for each channel you want to have effects, and you would have to ensure that the master aux sends and returns are also turned up..

ok, the snake is simple, each xlr (3 prong mic) connector on the snake is labeled, so, just plug each xlr jack into the corresponding channel on the board, and plug the first 2 1/4 inch ends of the snake into the "C/R out balanced" outputs on the board, located on the rear panel, up and to the left a bit.

at the stage end of the snake, ues a 1/4 inch instrument cable to copnnect the first 2 1/4 inch jacks on the snake to the left and right inputs of the crossover. then, from the crossover, connect the sub power amp to the "low" stereo outputs of the crossover with instrument cables, and connect the main speakers amp to the "high" stereo outputs of the crossover with instrument cables. if its an adjustable corssover, you will want to have it crossed over somewhere about 80-120 hz to allow only the lowest frequencies to the subs.

now, from the amps to the speakers, we ane going to have to use heavier 12-14 gague SPEAKER CABLES, instead of light gague instrument cables. hook the subs up to the stereo speaker outs of the sub amp with speaker cables, and do the same for the main speakers.

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You should take it in for repair. You have given us NO symptoms of the problem for us to give you any further help. One can do a lot of troubleshooting externally on these with just a set of headphones, but you haven't told us anything other than not working properly.

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A few questions first:

1) Does this effect the functioning of the "solo" at all? (ie is the light on always but without effect and can you select solo using the pushbutton?) We need to determine whether or not the problem is a funcitonal one or just the indicators being lit when they shouldn't be.

2) Are there any other symptoms at all? Any other lights effected at all or any functions not working as expected?

I will look up the prints for this, but I need to narrow down the search a bit. Gaining access to the board is not quick as all of the knobs need to be removed and all of the control nuts removed as well. If we can narrow this down a bit, you may be able to avoid that.

Please post up the info requested and I'll pull up the prints.


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You can download the manual here:

If you have specific questions please update this and I'll try to get you an answer.


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get in contact with this company, i am sure they can help you

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Usually you attach a pair of POWERED monitor speakers to the Control Room outputs to use as monitors.

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Decide if you want to use the AUX's or the SUB's for your monitors. (usually use the AUX).

Connect TRS cables from the appropriate AUX sends to thee amplifiers you use for your monitors or your powered monitors whichever you have.

Adjust the level using the AUX level controls for each channel to set your minitor mix.

Normally use the PreFader AUX's so monitor levels are set independent of the slide fader positions.

Here is a big hint for you: Search for "Soundboard" or "Soundboard setup". There are good videos there that might be different than your particular board, but there is enough commonality that you will soon be an expert!

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The channel faders will be a 10K with standard fader taper.

The master fader is a 50K dual, with standard fader taper.

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