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Beyond that could just be the door latch itself.

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Jan 06, 2015 | 232 views

de error code means the door is open. If code does not clear when door shut then could be door interlock or main pcb fault

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Jan 06, 2015 | 2,901 views

sounds like you have a faulty door lock and it will not turn on if it cannot lock, you will need to get it replaced. Look around at different repair shops as some charge more than others

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Jan 06, 2015 | 291 views

What is your question?

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Feb 04, 2015 | 479 views

check ur inlet hoses on the outside of machine, also check the connections inside the panel in back

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Dec 31, 2014 | 976 views

Like bad eggs ?

Do you have a U bend in the wastepipe that takes the water away from your machine

If not then any smells from the pipe run can come back up the outlet pipe

Once you have ran the machine it flushes away the old water and the smell goes away

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Nov 26, 2014 | 1,287 views

The service manual for the LGwm2277h can be found at this URL.
The actual step that shows how to replace the latch can be found on page 38 here: http://www.manualslib.com/manual/770130/Lg-Wm2277h.html?page=38#manual

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Nov 26, 2014 | 119 views

My LG stunk too. I did the tub washing with 1 cup bleach and wiping the rim, leaving everything open, nothing worked. I added 2 cups of a 6% bleach and used the tub cleaning cycle, rinsed with an empty hot water cycle then added bleach-able clothes to the 2nd hot water rinse (the third cycle/step). It gets a very strong bleach smell so don't take a whiff if you open the door in the first 2 cycles! After I did the strong bleach cycle, I am able to treat with just the 1 cup bleach about every 3 or 4 weeks and I make sure to wash with a hot water wash every week and a half at the least. This seems to keep my clothes smelling fresh like they should. Before I bought the LG, I read where people turned up the amount of water the washer takes in but I can't find the link that said how to do that. I think it was 1/4 turn on a screw on the top of the machine (when you take the cover off) but I can't guarantee how to do that.

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Nov 13, 2014 | 224 views

The OE error or fault code indicates that the washing machine is not draining properly. Check to be sure the drain hose isn't clogged or kinked. If that checks out, check to see if the drain pump or drain pump filter are clogged. Sometimes objects that are put into the washing machine, for example combs, money, hair pins, etc. end up in the filter. Finally, if the drain line is clear and the pump seems to be clear and functioning properly, you may need to replace the drain pump assembly.

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Oct 22, 2014 | 175 views

We have experienced the LE light for the past several months on our LG Tromm 2277. We replaced the Hall Sensor and it worked for about 4-5 washings. We unplugged and turned the drum 4-5 times in each direction. Replugged and it would work for 4-5 times. When that stopped working, we ordered the Stator Assembly. Same thing. It would wash 4-5 times and the LE light would return. Finally, the washer tripped the breaker and there was no power anywhere. My husband traced power up to the Main Control Board. He noticed the red light on the board was no longer on. The Main Board costs about $150. It arrived (ordered from Sears Parts Dept) and he replaced it in about 10 min. Take a picture of it before you remove so that you will have a guide to re hook. Three days and six washings later, it is still working. If I can get another 3-5 years out of this washer, I'll be happy. I have mastered the musty smell. I use a cleaning tablet "Affresh" designed for cleaning the drum periodically and keep the gasket as dry as possible after final wash using a towel and leave the door open. I love the low water consumption and low detergent use. If you use more than 2 Tablespoons of detergent, you are using too much. I also use a 1/2 teaspoon. of oxy clean when washing whites and towels. Here are two sites for installation reference:


How to Fix an LG Front load washer machine that wont spin Post Comment On Buck Up Chinny

Good Luck! Kathy in Georgia

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Oct 28, 2014 | 154 views

When you are about to use your wash machine make sure your tank is rather full, or maybe three fourths. This would prevent the machine from "pausing" to get sufficient water; or other allied problems. You can't wash without sufficient water!

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Oct 04, 2014 | 48 views

Your 2277HW has a heater element inside the drum.
Error 'he' means computer has detected open circuit to
water heater.. Most likely broken wire at the heater or nearest wire tie
securing the heater wire to the tub. Disassembly of front of washer is required to inspect / repair.

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Aug 21, 2014 | 548 views

The Ball Sensor has nothing to do with a "LE" error.
A faulty Hall Effect Sensor or faulty Stator or faulty Main PCB are
suspects..You must remove the Rotor and then the Stator to get to
the Hall Sensor..

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Aug 21, 2014 | 412 views

My wife has been complaining that the bleach and fabric softener dispenser still had water in it after washing. After removing the top to the washer I found that there are 4 components to the dispenser. 1. the solenoid (part of a 3 solenoid bundle) for the cold water, 2 the controller to the solenoid 3. The hose from the solenoid to the dispenser, and 4. The dispenser. After checking that there were no kinks in the hoses. I checked the solenoid found it had power at the right time but the flow was low. I shut off all the water and disconnected the lines going into the back of the washer I found that the cold water filters were clogged. After cleaning them (there were 2 for each hot and cold) The washer worked correctly.

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Aug 09, 2014 | 3,674 views

The PRIMARY filter for discharged water in most front loaders is located under the opening of the washer behind a small 'door'. There is usually a small tube which you will need to pull the plug from and drain about 2 cups of water into a bucket BEFORE you remove the filter to clean it.
After you unscrew the filter which is mounted from front-to-back and clean it out, replace both filter piece and plug and replace the small drain tube.
Close the access door and operate your machine.
* Clean this filter every month or especially after washing heavy lint-producing materials.

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Jul 22, 2014 | 101 views

Hi, I beleive there is some damage to the pump impeller or motor.
Check and clean out any debree in intake lines. Then seek help from repair man. Good luck.

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Jul 20, 2014 | 266 views

Um u shouldnt take anything apart if you cant get it back tigether first rule of thumb secondly your description of dispenser doesnt work isnt enough to go buy. Im going to assume the detergent didnt flow in and i will assume u are using tide sport. My guess would be the detergent is too thick to syphin out assuming all that. Try mixing with half water first. Secondly look at the wiring diagram and find the colors of the wires going to each valve then hook hoses up from that valve to the part of the dispenser that has the writing of what your hooking up. Common sense goes a long way when fixing things and or braking them

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Jul 20, 2014 | 181 views

Hello. I\'ve had 3 drain errors on 2 LG washers. 1 was a clogged filter. The other two were failed drain pumps. The drain filter is behind the little plastic door on the lower left corner of the front of the washer. Pop the door off with a flathead screwdriver, and unscrew the gray knob behind it. WARNING: All of the water in the tub WILL come gushing out when you do this. Have something ready to soak it up. Expect several gallons of smelly water and prepare accordingly. Once the knob is unscrewed you can pull the filter out. If you are lucky, you\'ll find it stuffed with the most disgusting detritus on earth. If you are unlucky, you need a new drain pump. Suspect this if your pump sounds like a box of broken rocks or if it makes no sound at all. The drain pump is located inside the washer near the place where you pulled the drain filter. For both of the failures I\'ve seen the plastic impeller on the pump has failed and spins freely on the shaft. I got the replacement parts from RepairClinic. To change the pump I pulled the (now drained) washer away from the wall and leaned it backwards so I could work from underneath. Don\'t drop it on your hands or brain. I seem to recall that the only tools required were a phillips head screwdriver, pliers for the hose clamps, and band-aids for the sharp metal edges. Best of luck.

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Jul 16, 2014 | 118 views

The pump is near the front, bottom of the machine. You need to unplug and unhook it from the water supply. Then get a wet and dry vacuum and remove all the water from the machine by using the vacuum on the drain hose. Then you can lay the machine down to get to the bottom of it and you can replace the pump. http://www.partselect.com/ModelSections.aspx?ModelID=709279&ModelNum=LXR7244JQ1&mfgModelNum=&ManufactureID=3&Selected=TVCOCCCE&Position=6&mfg=Whirlpool&Type=Washer&Mark=4

LG WM-2277HW... | Answered on Jul 11, 2014 | 108 views

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