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I would pull the back panel off, and do a general inspection. When moved, things can get moved out of place by bumps and bouncing and may be apparent by inspection. Most front loaders use either a variable diameter pulley or a gearbox to change the drum rotation speed from slosh to spin. Take a look at the belt that on the pulley on the drum 'axle' and see if there is an apparent mechanism to 'shift into hi gear'. The code is just reporting that it could not spin. A visible inspection may reveal the cause.

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That would not keep it from turning on.

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Hi dear.Your machine does not have "only spin cycle".That's why you won't have much to do with that.You can try "rinse & spin cycle" but I know it's waste of water & time.I hope that helps.Thanks.

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Your LG washing machine's motor is controlled by the main circuit board. This is the brain of your washing machine. Depending on the selected program and which cycle is currently running, the PCB will tell the motor which speed to run at and which direction to turn. The Hall Effect sensor on the main circuit board is fed operational feedback from the motor. If there is any difference between what the motor should be doing and what it is actually doing - the appliance will stop operating and display an "LE" error.
For example: if the main circuit board tells the motor to rotate clockwise at a certain speed and the motor doesn't start, the monitoring sensor will relay this inactivity to the main PCB and a "LE" error will persist. The same error would be displayed if the motor rotates in the wrong direction or runs at the wrong speed. It should be evident there are many faults that could produce the "LE" error code. Failure of one of the major components or a fault in the monitoring and feedback loop, could all lead to this problem. It is true however, some faults occur more regularly than others. Test for the most common causes of failure, eliminate them, and move on to more unlikely faults.
Many causes for the "LE" error are thought to stem from LG's manufacturing process. Many customers found the wiring damaged or completely severed in their washing machine's motor drive and feedback loop. If the wires were installed too close to a moving part, they may be vulnerable to mechanical wear once the machine starts to operate. A washing machine vibrates a lot during a spinning cycle, so it is conceivable wires could be damaged in this way. Check the cables feeding the motor for any obvious signs of damage. If you cannot see any problem, disconnect those wires and check for conductivity with a multi-meter. There should be almost no resistance detected in the wire.
If you find a damaged wire, replace it and ensure the new wire is well out of the way of any moving parts. If the wire is faultless you will have to move on and continue fault finding. Try and turn the motor's rotor by hand, if there is any real friction or if the rotor is seized - you will have to replace the motor. Faultless wiring and a washing machine motor - with the existence of an "LE" error code, indicates a fault in the main system board. It should be noted though; this is unlikely to be the cause of the problem. Almost all "LE" errors indicate faulty wiring - so ensure you have properly checked this before installing a new PCB.
Here is a link to the PCB board.
Pcb Assembly display

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have you heard beep when you turn it on? if not washer is off. If it won't turn on could be the power button(or main baord). Compare the touch of power button with the other buttons. Light on means you have power coming to the washer. Thx

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You can't remove the knob because its a fused sensor. You will need place the whole panel.

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kindly hang up drain hose 2,1/2 feet,,

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this is not tub clean..its child lock..kindly remove child lock frist,,,

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Based on the limited information you probably need this part and possibly others as well. PART NUMBER: 4040FR4051C

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you should see 4 or 6 wires connect wires having the same color 2 for neutral 2 for live voltage and 2 for ground having green and yellow color

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Can you hear any noise? It could be the belt which you can check by tipping back and looking from underneath. The belt runs vertically from the motor to the drum pulley at the very back of the machine. Does anything work, the drain, the water fill? If they do and only the drum won't turn and the belt is ok then it could be quite a few things. The motor itself, check the motor windings with a multimeter. The control board, again check for voltages with a meter. Wiring to the motor, visually check the wiring harnesses throughout. Will need to know what your machine does and does not do to diagnose correctly.

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Possible door switch faulty .try to locate and push manually to see if the light shuts off.

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Make sure there's power getting to the washer. Check for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Check the wall socket for power. Sometimes the power cord disconnects at the washer, if this is the case, the wiring must be repaired or replaced.

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problem with wash motor,,or hole sensor,,,

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may be problem with bearings & seal..

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this machine is very old,,, kindly replace drain motor

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kindly follow as picture,,,just press three second button to gether,,

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door lid assemble having some problem. may be megnet pice came out.

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