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This fe error or fault code indicates that the washer is overfilling due to a defective water inlet valve. The valve is not repairable and will need to be replaced.

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I had the same problem. I lost the magnet in the lid cover. So, I put a magnet as shown in the picture (blue and red color one). It working now!!!!

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LE means "Overload in Motor" Unplug the washer, remove clothes, wait 15 minutes for motor to cool down. try again. If problem persists you'll need a certified technician.

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squeal probably caused by bearing seal. or could be door seal. strange in only one direction

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I think that should be a "DE" error code. On LG machines the DE error code is for a "Door Open Error".
Check the condition of the door lock, door hook and switch as this will give the error code above, the switch can be checked with a multimeter for condition. You might need to replace the door hook or the internally mounted switch.

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Check the small tube that is connected to the outer wash tub and the pressure switch. When the water flows into the tub pressure is created in the upper half of the tub which causes the pressure switch to turn off the water inlet valve when the required amount of water is present.
Check the tube for debris that prevents the pressure switch operating correctly, if the tube is clear, the pressure switch needs to be checked, replace if faulty.
Low water pressure into the machine can also cause the inlet valve not to close properly, minimum pressure required is 20psi.

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if its new machine,,might problem with hole sensor,,,

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Hi just read your posting.In my experience with front loaders they all have transit bolts .The reason being is that the internal bowl and tank are separated from the outside frame by suspension rods and, or springs.The easiest way to tell on most front loaders is to look for the holes in the back of the frame of the machine where the bolts attach the frame to the tank .Hope this helps and good luck.

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It is so common that the washing machine can make terrible noise in many ways and is a common fault. In all occasions it is important that your observation is most important and so is vital to the identification /rectification and solution. If you have noticed that machine is vibrating when it is running then the motor /drum suspension has to be inspected. Since these fittings are located on the underside of the machine it is important that you look for the noise with a good inspection lamp. Manually turn the motor and drum and listen for the noise, if so the motor bearings, the drum agitator shaft and fittings must be checked. Also the suspensions which include the shock absorbers and springs, the body clamps must be checked to be in correct alignment and not changed in position. Tightening of the mounting is also very important. Finally in most cases a drop of OIL or smear of grease on the moving parts cane solve most issues.

Check this link :


For replacement of bearings check for tips on this visual link: http://www.espares.co.uk/advice/washing-machines/a/7/1401/how-to-replace-the-bearings-on-a-washing-mach.html

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Steve R is right except that if the splines in the rotor are stripped you will have to buy a new rotor or the bolt will just continue to lossen itself up. The rotor is $64.33 online. Still a ten minute fix, after you wait a week for part delivery.

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This is usually a communication error, unplug the machine for 20 minutes and then see if it returns when power is restored.
but if this does not helps then the actual reason of LE error code is as follows:--


• The connector (3-pin, male, white) in the MOTOR HARNESS is not connected to the connector (3-pin, female, white) of STATOR ASSEMBLY.

• The electric contact between the connectors (3-pin, male, white) in the MOTOR HARNESS and 4-pin, female, white connector in the MAIN PWB ASSEMBLY is bad or unstable.

• The MOTOR HARNESS between the STATOR ASSEMBLY and MAIN PWB ASSEMBLY is cut (open circuited).

• The hall sensor is out of order/defective.

The hall sensor seems to be part of the motor.
The 'LE' error message indicates the control board has detected that the motor is either not turning, or has locked up for some reason. Monitoring the motor is the job of the hall effect sensor board which constantly determines the direction and speed of the motor and feeds that information back to the control board. If there is a problem between what the motor should be doing and what the hall effect sensor says the motor is doing, the 'LE' will be displayed and the cycle will be stopped.

Motor lock can be caused by several things from a loose connector, to a bad motor, or even the hall effect sensor failing or dislodging from it's mount. Any one or more of these components could have caused this error.

You can get required parts from www.repairclinic.com

Thanks. Keep updated for any more query. You can rate this solution and show your appreciation.

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unbalanced load and more cloths to balalance

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You can get to the drain filter without need for disassembling.The filter access is located behind the protective trim at the lower front side of the machine. Remove the trim and rotate the filter cap anticlockwise. Be prepared to collect the water that will flow through the filter. After cleaning the filter perform operations in reverse order to reassemble. Disconnect power before starting.
The pump is located at the bottom of the machine, behind the filter. Accessing the pump requires disassembling.

Diagrams for WM-2077 are available here.

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The TE error code indicates a heating error, usually caused by a faulty thermistor. First, attempt to clear the error by unplugging the power cord, waiting for 10 seconds, restore the power, and restart the wash cycle. If the same problem happens again, close water tap, unplug the washer because the unit may require service.

Check in the next link the Service Manual for LG WM2277 Service Manual that could help you.

Hope this helps (remember to rate and comment this free answer).

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US means unbalanced error. Try balancing the unit as explained on the owners manual. Try redistributing the load. Check the floor. If that does not work try following the instructions in the diagrams for the specific code available on the LG support website. Here the link.



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This issue usually occurs due to kinked drain pipe, clogged drain filter or drain pump. First make sure that the drain is not clogged and remove clogs if present. If no visible lint is present then remove the lower front access panel to check the drain filter and drain pump for any clogs, you'll need to clean the drain filter and drain pump completely. Hope this helps... Please post back for any further assistance.

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Error code LE indicates that either the motor is not turning or has locked up for some reason. It can also be due to Hall sensor which monitors direction and speed of the motor. If the sensor is faulty then also this error appears. Motor lock can be caused by several things from a loose connector, to a bad motor. To make sure it's not a locked motor, try turning the drum with your hand. And, if there is any resistance while turning the drum or the drum doesn't move freely then the motor is locked and you'll need to get it replaced. If the motor seems to be fine then you would need to replace the Hall Sensor. To replace the hall sensor, take the back cover off. Take the big nut off and remove the motor rotor. Remove the bolts holding the motor windings. Remove the electric plug on the sensor and unclip it from the motor winding. Hope this helps...please post back for further assistance.


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Hello there and thank you for choosing fixya
  • The error code of "IE" signifies a water inlet error. This means that your machine is not filling to the proper water level, and may be fixed by ensuring that machine's water supply is properly connected and turned on.
  • If every thing there checks out fine then the inlet valve on the machine is faulty and needs to be replaced ...
  • drain error will result in an error code of "OE." This means that your washer is not properly draining. Ensure that your drain hose is free of kinks and clean. Your filter also must be clean
    An error code of "FE" represents an overflow error. This means that the water level is too high, and the machine will start draining itself automatically.
    An error code of "E1" represents a leakage error. This means there is a leak in one of your hose connections.

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Pump trap is something you should know about and check regularly- it is behind the door at the bottom. Manual mentions it as well. Drain water from small tube before opening trap otherwise water will be all over.

No drain means no spinning. Check pump trap for debris first if you have not done that. In the case of foreign objects entering the drain filter, this could be making the noise. Please clean the drain filter.
a. Allow the washer to cool down before cleaning the drain pump filter.
b. Open the lower cover cap with a tool such as coin.
c. At this time use a catch pan to prevent water from flowing onto the floor. Unplug the drain plug, allowing the water to flow out. When water does not flow any more, turn the pump filter open to the left.
d. Remove any foreign objects from the pump filter. After cleaning, turn the pump filter clockwise and insert the drain plug to the original place. Close the lower cover cap.

Now you should be ready to operate washer again normally. Are you check if some fault code warning is there?

If you need, check in this link the WM-2077 Service Manual

Hope this helps.

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PE indicates PRESSURE SENSOR ERROR. Mostly the sensor must have failed before replacing it just confirm the connection to the sensor are tight enough and if they are intact and still the error arises then replace the sensor.
You can buy the sensor from the below link http://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Sensor/6501FA2462C/1268235

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