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Hi Matt

Ask your mechanic to change the door hingle only. Dont change the complete door.

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door lock sounds like its broken, you will need to remove the two screws on the back of washer top and remove the top. (power off) now as you look at washer from the front you will see a round object with a pipe. remove the pipe and see if the door opens. this is just to check to see if its this part stopping the door to be open, you are going to need to use a flat blade to push the pin in the lock you should see the pin as this stops the door from being open. the part looks like this https://www.ebay.com/i/253266384384?rt=nc if the door is slammed or banged, it can damage the lock, easy to replace when the you can open the door. wiring plug only fits one way.

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Those bearings are almost impossible to remove.  You would be better off replace the rear half of the tub assembly as it comes with everything.

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not work can you tell me an other method if you know

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Check the pressure switch -the system that determines correct waterlevel in the drum. If its giving an incorrect indication to the programtimer machine will either overfill, refuse to fill or refuse to spin.Its an air operated diaphragm switch triggered by rising air pressureinduced by the entry of water into an airtight vessel attached to thebase of the drum. It tells the program timer that the water has reachedthe correct level, allowing it to proceed to the water heating stage inthe cycle. Power off, drag machine out onto the floor, remove backcover and top cover. The pressure switch is a round item about 3 inchesacross with several wires and a thin rubber pipe attached. It generallysits just under the top cover. Disconnect the thin rubber pipe from theswitch and blow down through it to clear any blockage. Switch itselfmay be faulty but its more likely the pressure pipe or the vesselattached to the other end of the pipe is blocked. Some machines havethe pressure vessel integrated as part of the filter unit, with apressure chamber moulded into the top of the filter body. Remove thepressure vessel, put a small nut or screw in it, fill it with water andshake vigorously till any crud or residue is removed. Refit all parts,check that joints and connections are water tight.
Also check the filter itself - generally located behind a panel at thefoot of the machine.Some are obvious like little square hatches andsome are hidden behind the trim panel at the foot of the machine. Oncepanel is removed the filter should be visible. Its generally a circularplastic fitting which unscrews in an anticlockwise direction. Somehotpoint, indesit and ariston filters are located in the big black sumphose (the one that leaves the bottom of the outer drum and connects tothe pump). Power off, drag machine out onto the floor, remove backcover or tip machine up at an angle. Locate sump hose, remove thetensioner clip by squeezing the tabs together with a large pair ofpliers or vise grips, remove the hose, take out filter and clean. Beprepared for spillage of water. May help if the machine is tiltedbackwards at an angle.

Repair and service your own washing machine. Go to www.2ndwave.co.uk/manual.html

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you dont try to repair it if you do it your board may be comletely or partially gets damaged which may cause malfunctioning so u better contact to your near lg store

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Door open error code can also be displayed as "dOE" On non-display panel models this fault code is denoted by the light for the door lock being lit or flashing.
  • Check door is closed correctly and latched
  • Check door handle for damage or wear
  • Check door safety lock if inoperative replace door lock
  • Check door lock wiring
  • If there is a clicking sound once or twice when the Start/Pause button is pressed the main control board may be faulty

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Door switch assembly is faulty, check and replace if necessary.

LG WD-1280FHD... | Answered on Mar 28, 2014 | 32 views

I see a little confusion here...there is LG WD-1280FHD which is the MODEL number, WD= washer-dryer, LG=Life's (not so) Good. The "F" is for Front Load... HD for dryer Heated Dryer. The numbers correlate to date and assembly plant location. IDK this other number your showing is a Part Number

If you need further help, reach me via phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/steven_b77d19396bfe2249

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Fault code 130 means the RPS (rotor position sensor) is not sending correct signals to the control board. The RPS is a small electronic device mounted on top of the motor copper stator. Either the wiring plug attached to the RPS has corroded the contacts or the RPS needs replacing. You will have to lie the machine down on front face to access the motor. Unscrew the centre bolt and remove the outer rotor bowl, then loosen the 4 hex. head bolts holding the stator about half way. Pull stator down so you can remove the wiring plug from RPS. Check for corrosion. If no corrosion then remove & replace the RPS.

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with the inlet valve filter may be block..

LG WD-1280FHD... | Answered on Feb 22, 2014 | 39 views

Did you turn off the outside valve? Will water come out of the hose if you remove it from the washer?

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check the water inlet valve.


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Try this.

reset machine. start a quick cycle. Once the pump starts, open door and add 2-4 cups of water. close door.

If machine starts to work the the water inlet valve needs to be replace.

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sound over load in motor

LG WD-1280FHD... | Answered on Sep 26, 2018 | 114 views

door sensor need to replace or if you can easy to repair usually plastic part is broken

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Remove power for some time , allow the power to drain off the memory and see if the display is clear. If not hold the start button and switch on power. Check the inlet and drain filter , free water flow, if not remove and clean.

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The "CL" code is not an error! This means "Child Lock"!
To unlock a washing machine you will press and holding within 3-5 sec two button, marked "child lock".
And happy day will come! :))

LG WD-1280FHD... | Answered on Oct 08, 2015 | 21,155 views

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