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Fuel Filter Replacement and Maintenance Tips

When it comes to taking care of your car, preventative maintenance is wisest. Although you'll spend money, you'll save it, too. You'll also save yourself time, frustration, and surprise roadside breakdowns. But those aren't the only reasons you should practice weekly preventative maintenance on your car practice preventative maintenance on your car.

Reason #1 is safety. Poorly maintained vehicles are less likely to protect you and your loved ones in the event of an accident. And cars that are in poor condition make it easier for you to have a mishap.

Performance is another reason to care for your car. A car that's in tip-top shape is a worry-free ride that uses fuel efficiently. It's dependable, and it handles well thanks to good tires, correct wheel alignment, and an effective suspension system. If your car's in great shape, you'll make a better deal on resale or trade-in, too. And, of course, you'll be proud to drive around in it. Like your house, your children, and your job, your car is a reflection of you. Take good care of it!

Develop the Habit of Servicing Your Car
Every three months, make it your habit to have the oil changed. Every year or every two years, ask your mechanic to check the condition of your car's filters.

Replace the Fuel Filter First
Be sure that the fuel filter is among those checked. If your car experiences power loss, starts missing, or is difficult to start, the problem is most likely a clogged filter.

The solution? Replace it.

High-mileage cars require annual fuel filter replacement. If your vehicle is driven infrequently or only travels short distances daily, it probably needs the filter replaced every two or three years. Consult your mechanic if you're unsure how often to replace the filter.

Don't Believe in "Lifetime" Filters
Many new cars are equipped with "lifetime" fuel filters that purportedly never need replacement. Although these filters are longwearing, they nevertheless will need replacement every other year. Any filter may become clogged or rusty due to moisture.

Hire a Professional
Although you can change the fuel filter yourself, you'll probably save time and money by hiring a reasonably priced auto tech to do it for you. He or she has all of the facilities and tools necessary to do the job right in a small amount of time. If you do opt to replace the filter yourself, for safety's sake, be sure no one's smoking in or near your work area.

Choose the Best Service Station
To prolong the life of your fuel filter, fill up at service stations that have filters in their pumps. These filters give fuel a final "cleaning" before it enters your car, eliminating a surprising amount of dirt and gunk that would otherwise clog your filter.

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Message "Engine Component Requires Sevice" comes on intermittently but gives no code.

Having a car serviced, is called preventative maintenance,
oil,spark plugs,gas filter,brakes & the like

That has nothing to do with diagnosing your concerns

Checked out, is just that. Someone that doesn't know how to
diagnose your cars problems

You need to have the problem you are concerned about, actually
looked into.
That could be time consuming & costly & may even work out
better for you at a dealership
I would prefer you start with a repair shop as it is cheaper

Bottom line is that no one actually put the effort into finding the cause

A repair shop either doesn't have a data base to learn about your
car or the skills to do the job

They are not going to spend time on something, when they
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