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Question about GMC Terrain

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p0014 fault code . exhaust cam shaft position timing over advanced . What does this mean on my 2011 terrain ?


Question about 2010 Terrain

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When key is turned in the ignition nothing happens. The radio comes on, the lights come on and the dash lights up. Battery is to low on charge to turn the engine over or the starter relay is bad.


Question about 2013 Terrain

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hood open light on The "Hood Open" light is on. I have opened the hood and closed it but the sight and noise continues to sound off. Now since it is parked the alarm is going off. Not sure if this is ...

GMC terrain head light relay location? Want to add LED day time light strip. fuse box under hood

my emissions light came on on my 2010 gmc terrain and now my remote start does not work. Emission light has been on for about 3 days now. if and when u have a check engine light the remote start gets ...

Question about 2011 Terrain SLT1

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2011 gmc terrain heater not blowing hot air checked coolant level, thermostat working, blower working It isn't enough for the thermostat to work but also to verify both the heater (water) flow and ...

Question about 2012 Terrain SLE-1 4dr SUV 2.4L 4-cyl. FFV 6-speed Automatic

1 Answer jammed or something has broken inside the lock preventing the steering lock being turned fully anti-clockwise into the position where the key can be withdrawn. In either case it is likely the ...

Digital dash gauges all read zero, onstar not working... onstar not working, had a check engine light 2 days ago, started my car this am and none of he digital gauges are reading like they are empty, ...

"Service Tire System Monitor" light is on. Could this be a transmission issue? I thought this light indicated the sensors needed replacing. Dealership is telling me it could be a transmission problem ...

have a 2010 GMC Terrain 4 cylinder the motor light cams on what can i do to get the light go off run the fault codes to find what is putting the light on and fix it the light also covers the ...

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