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2002 mercury sable auto sencor don't work? When my lights are on auto light sencor they tend to turn off sometimes and sometimes work I checked all the fuses but no luck maybe someone knows! were is ...


need a electrical schematics for 1992 mercury sable wagon the best place to get them would be at an auto parts store like advance or autozone or pep boys . you usually can find a haynes manual and in ...


auto trans having problems with the overdrive auto trans having problems with the overdrive doesnt shift to overdrive the green overdrive light flashes get it to your local trans shop for a diagnostic

The headlights do not activate automatically, in the auto mode, at night or with minimal daylight. However the running lights will activate in the auto mode. A new dash light switch was installed ...

Question about 2001 Sable

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...light go no sounds like one of your abs sensors is bad ,if you take your vehicle to either advance auto parts ,auto zone or similar store they can test it for you to find which sensor is bad free of ...

...running and when it is parked its rolling backwards i have about 140,000 miles on it Hello, the auto transmission shift cable needs to be adjusted. It danerous with no parking gear. If you

Windows won't roll down, and it won't auto lock, Windows won't roll down, and it won't auto lock, electrial problems! There are fuses for both windows and door locks, If fuses are good may be ...

Question about 2000 Sable

1 Answer get the complete wiring schematic for 2000 Mercury Sable need to contact the dealership or auto electric companies that specialize in auto electrical systems.Now, if don't know which

2000 mercury sable emission light comes on Auto Zone, Advance Auto and the like will plug a diagnostic box in for free to tell you which component is throwing the code.

Question about 1997 Sable

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what is ignition coil the light is flashing and said check engine Take your car to Autozone, Oreilly Auto Parts, or Advance Auto and they will put it on a computer reader for free to diagnose the ...

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