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Question about 1995 Thunderbird

1 Answer

on my '95 T-bird? Thanks! you can use a regular obd 2 code reader on that 95 tbird.get one at autozone and follow their directions. the plug is under the dash on the passenger side below the glove box


Question about 1985 Thunderbird

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Bird Turbo Coupe? What gear ratio? Would it be an equal lock? Hi meduck4,heres what you need brother as I cant see your diff, 3 ways to tell what you have: #1 The first is the driver's door tag; there


Question about 1996 Thunderbird LX

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96 ford T Bird obd codes Would bad oxygen sensors affect transmission shifts and cause obd powertrain codes to appear? It would cause codes but not transmission shift problems

Question about 1997 Thunderbird LX

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...bird 3.8 V6 code PO171 & PO174 run bad your computer is reporting bank 1 and 2 too lean, usually caused by the mass air flow (MAF) sensor, you can usually clean this sensor and reset the light. ...

does anyone know how to reset the keyless entry keypad codes to 95t-bird locked my keys inside again!! only the dealers would be able to help you

...This code indicates a cylinder head overheat condition was detected. Check your coolant level. Could also be a defective cylinder head temperature

Question about 2002 Thunderbird

1 Answer

...bird before unless you count the one i bypassed the factory immobilisor because no one coud could re code the keys ,most likely because its american ,not even the ford garage ,anyway a lot of fords ...

Question about 1993 Thunderbird

1 Answer

...bird idles poorly about 800 rpm in park and if you sit at a red light it tries to die on you. It throws a 172 and 135 ER obd 1 code so I'm guessing it would be the o2 sensers out on both sides? ...

...diagnostic plug on a 1991 ford thunder bird? Some older cars have an OBD1 (code reader) plugs either under the hood on the driver's side next to the hinge, or under the dash on driver's side for ...

locating transmission pressure solinoid on 1995 t-bird sc 3.8 Hi, I came across this website for complete details on r epair, service, maintenance, engine, error/fault codes, ...

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