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Question about 1995 Impala

1 Answer

...engine light on I have a 1995 impala ss. When i start the car and let it run for a few minutes my check engine light will come on. When the check engine light comes on both of my fans come on and ...


engine warning lights come on while driving but engine does not die. Battery, abs, air bag warning lights come on while driving but engine still runs. They go back out in about 5 seconds and does not ...


...engine light just started coming on. The battery light comes on briefly when I start the car. The check engine light comes on and stays on. This just started today. I did notice that my gasoline tank ...

...Engine service light comes on as well. I took it to Autozone to have them do diognostics. There were two errors that showed up 1. P0455 leak in the EVAP system 2. P0121 throttle position sensor What ... reset the vehicle engine soon in a 2001 Chevy Impala? The light only comes on when you manually turn on the lights. engine light should not come on by turning on lights, unless alternator is ...

Question about 2003 Impala

2 Answers

engine light stays on now .I was told there was a trick to reset the light. Is that right? First, changing the brake shoes has absolutely nothing to do with the check engine light being on. Second, to

Question about 2003 Impala

1 Answer

...impala is running cold and my check engine light came on. It sounds like your thermastat is stuck open. The check engine light will come on if the vehicle does not come up to operating ...

engine light to come on. I've been told I need a new Upper intake but currently have no engine light on. the check engine light comes on when there is an issue with a sensor/sending unit/system/or

Question about 2004 Impala

1 Answer

security light come on security light comes on wile I am driving. Engine does not turn off. what should I do? don't worry about it, unless it is a warning light, like check engine, or door open, etc

engine light to come on engine light comes on and dealership said the gas was causing the problem with the light coming on could this be true? If your car isn't rated for E85, possibly. Probably would

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