Questions & Answers for: Oldsmobile Aurora engine misfire


...fuel pressure regulator. This leaks gas and causes extended crank times, stalling, and check engine light. TechJK


engine light means there is a misfire, i'm am trying to solve my misfire problem too, BUT that is the ONLY reason that would pop up, it is also in your owners manual, sry it's not a lot of help : ( it


my check engine light is blinking on and off why?... My check engine light is blinking on and off why? When it blinks, It wants immediate attn, Usaly this stems from a severe misfire

Question about 2001 Aurora

2 Answers

...misfire .Engine starts fine even before replacing the sensor but shakes while running and while driving it is rough no much power.V-8 4.0 engine Check to see if the two cylinders misfiring are on the ...

Question about 1997 Aurora

1 Answer

I slammed on the brakes now engine is misfiring.(p140 & p300)new plugs and cables didn't help. check coils

...engine misses, off idle very smooth and runs normally computer code multi cylinder misfire. have changed plugs and wires did not help. could it be the coil packs of a fuel problem? This sounds as if ...

...misfire troubleshooting: The engine computer sets these codes when the crankshaft position sensor indicates rpm hunting under constant external conditions. Therefore, it is very difficult to ...

...Engine Misfire codes for car? Engine Misfire codes? ...

Question about 2001 Aurora

1 Answer

...engine's cylinders are firing properly.A misfire diagnostic code indicates a random or multiple misfire. If the last digit is a number other than zero, it corresponds to the cylinder number that ...

car engine knocks when starting, once started it runs at high rpms by itself, check engine light blinks, and smoke coming from engine smelling like oil problem just started. Tried starting in zero ...

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