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Where can i get a wiring diagram to install a remote starter, and what do I need to bypass the factory security system? check here:


2004 Olds Silhouette - electric door locks lock on their own The electric door locks try to lock constantly if all doors shut, the van will lock within a few seconds. Once in a while it will not ...


Question about 2000 Silhouette

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service engine light on P1404 service engine light on code is P1404 EGR valve pintle stuck open, which in most cases is a false alarm. But as a precaution just replace the EGR valve

a factory alarm?? Is GM on the key fob? factory alarms dont have "motion sensors" and very few aftermarket alarms do. roll down the window and set the alarm, now open the door and see if it lights off

How do I remove the battery to replace with a new one? in a word,,,dont! dont remove your battery untill you hook up another 12 volt power line to the car,, through the cigy lighter scoket, or when ...

There is a draw of about .6 amps on the battery when the van is turned off. It causes the battery to die if the car is not used for a few days. What could be causing this? I've checked all switches ...

Question about 1999 Silhouette

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Hello, our Oldsmobile sihlouette 1999 is having some buzzer issue coming from the rear right wheel well. Very strange. just started last night. iT is an alarm sort of like a busy tone on the phone. My

Question about 2001 Silhouette

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I had a friend try to replace my radio and when he plugged it in it must have blown a fuse because now the automatic lock/alarm doesn't work nor does the radio work. I don't have the owners ...

Had to replace the steering colum in my 2002 olsmobile silouette and now my alarms activated and can't get it off Had to replace it with a mountain an steering colum do you replace the steering ...

I have a beeping coming from the driver side rear panel. What is it telling me? It is likely the power sliding door. If you turn off the PSD feature and close the door manually you can by-pass the ...

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