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Question about 2003 Jetta TDI

1 Answer

need engine help please need help engine locked up took off serp belt all pulleys spin except crank. engine turns about a quarter turn then locks pulled oil pan all looks good took off timing belt cam


Master power window switch for 2000 Jetta 1.6 Comfortline I want to fit above mentioned switch on another car.Please help me with the wiring which are as follow: Pins Colour Connect to? 2 Yellow ?????

Ad a delivery pump in the tank that feeds the injection pump. typ TDI club in your seach ther is great info on ...

...white and a lot of it tried bumping it but no joy, i thought glowplugs but the engine was still hot so it would have definitelly bumped, had it running with damp start but same again once you cut it ...

Question about 2002 Jetta TDI

1 Answer

... thanks go to the auto parts store they will sell you a self tapping over sized plug that will work great but you need to bring the old plug with you. i just did one on a 03 caddy ...

Question about 2002 Jetta TDI

2 Answers

...Great" car sight unseen from a friend once and when he pulled in the drive the whole car disappeared in a cloud of white smoke that only left when he shut the engine off. I found head gasket leaks in ...

...spinning, and one is not. The white (yellow whatever) spot will help to see which one is seized. The belt is rubbing on it causing the rubber smell. Be very careful as the belt has the potential to ...

Question about 2000 Jetta TDI

2 Answers

what is asr button Anti Slip Regulator (ASR button) stops power to the wheels when they spin (on slippery surfaces ),the ASR is designed to be turned off only when you require the wheels to spin at ...

...I NEED THE OIL PUMP REPLACED OR AM I COMPLETLY OFF AND COULD BE ANOTHER PROBLEM ANY IDEAS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED blowing white smoke possibly means steam from water, you may have an internally ...

rough start and white/black smokefor 2 minutes. then runs great Glow plugs/ relay maybe inoperational, I would check the timing with vag/com

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