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Question about 1999 Grand Am GT

2 Answers do not run on high speed.they will run on high if i squeeze the relay and pull up a little bit replace that relay. i have a 1999 grand am the high speed cooling fans will not turn on. nor do the ...


Question about 2000 Grand Am GT

1 Answer

transmission slips when temp is over 200 transmission slips when temp oner 200 Cooling lines going into rad, ( rad flush may help) or does it have an external cooler of its own? When was transmission ...


...Grand Am GT?? Im not used to V6 and wondering if I should worry about where it sits... getting ready for a long road trip next weekend. typical engine temp for all cars is around 200 F give or ...

LOSS OF ANITFREEZE AND TEMPERATURE OF CAR RANGES FROM 200 TO 260 VERY QUICKLY Well the loss of antifreeze would explain the temp spike. Do you see where the antifreeze is leaking from? and it blows out cold air when i have the heat on sometimes, when it does this the temp guage goes fromm 200 to 260 in couple seconds and. Car stalls out i let it sit for 1 min n restart and and ... Im not used to V6 and wondering if I should worry about where it sits... Getting ready for a long road trip next weekend. the fan kicks on at about 212 degrees, it should run about 195 to 200 ...

...2000 pontiac grand am gt. when car gets warmer than 200 degrees car shoots out anti freeze. thermostat is very low on the engine on the passenger side of car check water pump to see if it is

Question about 1999 Grand Am GT

1 Answer when the car idles it stays under 200 degrees but when i put it in gear all the coolant flushes out of the overflow valve. the engine starts to shake alot. what do i do to fix this. check ur ...

2000 pontiac grand am gt, car is heating up in cold wearther or stop and go trafic to 100 -200 temp. is this normal ? The thermostat will let it get up to 195 or so and it should stay around there.

gt 1999 and the temp gauge keeps going over 200 a little and it's fine if I'm driving but if I'm at a stop light or in traffic (pretty much any where I'm sitting still)

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