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...HDMI port or the RCA ports (3-L&R Audio/Video)? The other options for the Samsung is the coaxial or the RGB's (Blue,Red,Green RCA plugs) and a audio source (mini-plug) on the side of the screen. ...


Question about SyncMaster 275T+ 27" Wide Format TFT screen 6 ms, VGA, DVI, HDMI, Component / YUV LCD TV

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which are the rca plugs on a new tv. (I want to connect a bird nesting box camera)It was easy connecting to my old tv. I have a samsung le32r8 tv now. thanks paul The RCA plugs are the three (yellow =


Question about SyncMaster 2233BW 22" LCD Monitor

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...HDMI cable (Provided the PC has the same port) it will auto view in Dig mode. Like this one or standard like this ...

Question about SyncMaster 400 T 40 in. Flat Panel LCD Monitor

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HDMI port, most of the new graphics cards will be compatible with your screen. Most graphics cards come standard with DVI ports and include a vga adapter for the screen cable. Some of the new graphics

Question about SyncMaster 540N 15" LCD Monitor

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...HDMI cable. If issue persists, try using the DVI port and a DVI cable. If not then try removing your video card and just use the on-board video option of your PC. If issue persists, try a different ...

Question about SyncMaster 914V 19" Flat Panel LCD Monitor

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What adaptor do i need to connect a new Mac Mini with HDMI input to an older SyncMaster 914v? I assume you mean HDMI output. You'd need a 'HDMI Female to VGA Male' adapter or a 'HDMI Male to VGA Male'

Question about SyncMaster 910MP 19" LCD Monitor

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...port on the back of your computer or video card. The ports should be colored blue or white and the cable only fits in those type of ports. It should be working after that. If it still isn't working ...

Question about SyncMaster P2250 22 inch LCD Monitor

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port, HDMI, DVI, etc, you can try connecting to different ports if your CPU supports to see which connection gives what type of display. This video has partial information

...(analog) very common on older monitors, White DVI (digital) comon 2008 (depending on cost), currenty top of hte line monitors may have a Display port and or HDMI.     Hope this is ...

...on the hdmi port it dosnt look like it does so what would the contrast be and brightness colour and so on? I would suggest trying your xbox on another monitor to be sure the xbox is not the

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