Questions & Answers for: Toyota Highlander leaking driveshaft


With the rear windows down my Highlander vibrates heavily. When I put the rear windows down on my 2006 Highlander and the speed gets up above 35 mph or so there I experience a horrible vibration. At ...


Question about 2002 Highlander

1 Answer

leaking water under the engine you may have a leaking water pump, or a leaking lower radiator hose or fitting, also check core plugs

Ad clean and smooth or it is guaranteed that the area will leak. If the seal is sweating and not leaking, this is usually normal to an extent. If you don't see fluid leaking out of the diff. or ...

Question about 2005 Highlander

2 Answers

the vsc light and the trac off light and check engine light all came on at the same time code p0420 comes up on my 2005 highlander what does this mean? A p0420 sets after Engine and catalyst are ...

I was told that my Toyota Highlander has leaky sway bar links that need to be replaced. Another Toyota dealer said they are fine and there isn't anything to possibly leak in a sway bar link. Not ...

Question about 2004 Highlander

1 Answer

front seal leak in my highlander It just started 2 days ago and as soon as i noticed the leak I parked tmy truck and haven't moved it. The leak looks like it's coming from near the ...

harmonic body vibrations at highway speeds At speeds between 58 and 64, we get a very harsh vibration in body as if a tire was out of balance. tires are all new and have been checked 4 times. Car has ...

Question about 2010 Highlander

1 Answer

freeze plug replacement block I have a leaking freeze plug. I have 67,000 miles on my car. The repair is $4,200.00. Should I go ahead and have all of them replaced so I do not have to replace each one

Question about 2003 Highlander

1 Answer

...if there is raw fuel dripping from the exhaust manifold that means the INJECTors are stuck on or leaking, this is one of the most dangerous conditions on all EFI cars. they to look more ...

Question about 2004 Highlander

1 Answer

why Vibration in transmission I'm having trouble with my 2004 toyota highlander, when driving a certain range the car starts to shake, at first I thought it needed an alignment and some new tires. Got

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