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Ad code to turn it on but the radio won't respond when I pushthe onbutton....the numerals on the face of the radio have slid down so you can't read them any more..It's been off for over a year ...

Ad code for my mercedes slk230. The battery died and now the code needs to be reset, but I don't have the old code... The radio serial no. is: AL 3198 X 01 14028 This is in a 1999 MB SLK230 ...


a radio code when I put the battery back on. What ever the problem was, it reset itself and the mute is now unstuck. It's the old power down and reboot solution. Works every time! Thanks and good luck

radio code Check For all radio codes follow this link: Car radio codes in Uxbridge London Gumtree The correct radio SERIAL NUMBER is required for a code First remove the radio from

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