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Question about 2004 Grand Am

1 Answer

...the ignition key have a chip? If so, then the security light will come on if the chip is wet or extremely dirty. Clean the area around and on the chip carefully. I had the same problem with my


...SECURITY LIGHT STOPS FLASHING. WHAT CAN WE DO TO FIX THIS? Does the ignition key have a chip? If so, then the chip and or key is dirty. Carefully clean the key and around the chip. Be careful not to ...


Question about 2002 Ranger Regular Cab

1 Answer

is this a regular key or does it have a security chip It has a security chip and needs to be programmed at a dealer or other facility that has the programming equipment.

Question about 1994 Cutlass Supreme

1 Answer

...chip is part of the PASS-II security system. It is designed to prevent engine being started with another key. It is part of the security system. When you insert key and turn the ignition to the on or ...

Question about 2004 Montana

1 Answer

...and then the security light stood on. Usually the security light means the sensor in the key switch is not reading the chip in the key, or the chip in the key has gone bad.Did you try a spare key

Question about 1997 Century

1 Answer

...driver the security module is not recognizing the chip in the key.Usually the car will not crank when the light is on.Common issues are the chip in  the key and the sensor in the lock

...much cheaper than replacing parts. Check key for missing chip. If not equiped with chip key access security module for fault codes. Also check security module live data if scan tool is

Question about 2000 Century

1 Answer (VATS) system does not "see" the chip in your key.  You may be trying to steal the car with a phony key.The problem could be the chip in the key, the sensor in the lock cylinder, or the ... chip that plugs in under the dash so you can turn the key and start the car on a 94 dodge intrepid need to know which wires to connect to start the car aftermarket security chip go to end of ...

...chip key .and its throwing security light on the dash . It doesn't blink its on solid and when u turn the key to start it doesn't crank over. But all the dash lights turn or and gauges work. What's ...

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