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chip in it is your security light on? if so the vechicle will not start you have to relearn the key cylinder. look for a theft or security light. i believe you need to crank car let go of key(leave it


Question about 2001 Cavalier

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...was new it did have a chipped key. I don't know why they start sometimes without them, Faulty security? Anyway you will have to get a chipped key from the dealer or a hardware store. then do

Ad chip in your key, there is still a security chip in the ignition switch which must be bypassed for the remote start to work. The actual bypass module is relatively cheap, but it does require ...

will not start, if l turn key on what 8 min. then try starting i starts. how can l bypas the security chip???? This link will tell you all about it. chip or transponder, to the ignition's lock cylinder, and then to the car's TDM (Theft Deterrent Module). These 3 parts are in CONSTANT communication. If the key is in the ignition, ...

security light is on, the module is not recognizing the chip in the key. The three possible issues are the sensor in the lock which you say you have replaced, the chip in the key, or the module behind

Question about 2000 Cavalier

1 Answer

...and lockset from the old column and put it in the new. Theres a chip on top of the lockset that is encoded with the security system. You can do a key relearn, but you have to have the original

Does a98 chevy cavalier have a security box If you mean security system, the answer is yes. It is a passive system called pass lock. It has a special chip built into the key.

security system won't. work Ok if you have a chip in the key you can bypass .measure the resistance of chip in key pick up a resistor of same under steering wheel you will find a wire with orange case module has failed. The chip in the key must match the factory setting to allow the car to start. If it worked before you replaced the lock cylinder, you need to have a new key with the same ...

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