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does my 1996 dodge intrepid car key have a chip in it? no... Nope


Question about 1997 Intrepid

1 Answer

it starts but stops in like 5 seconds Are you using a reproduced key. Most Intrepids require a key with a chip in it and they are the only type of key that will start the engine.


Question about 2001 Intrepid

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How do i bypass security on intrepid How do i bypass security on Dodge intrepid 2001 on a 3.2 engine You need a 680 ohm resistor. one side connect to ground the other side connect to the light green ...

Question about 1999 Intrepid

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Heater Fan only works on high speed Well you need to change the blower motor relay,if it works for awhile and then goes to only on high again change the relay and the blower motor.The relay is usually chip in it. That means the only place to get a spare key made is the dealer because they have to order the key using your VIN. The only way to bypass this is to replace the ignition switch ...

I need duplicate keys for a 2002 dodge intrepid and would like to know if this is a key with the chip imbedded or can I have it made at the hardware store. Thank you dodge keys can be taken to any ... chip that plugs in under the dash so you can turn the key and start the car on a 94 dodge intrepid need to know which wires to connect to start the car aftermarket security chip go to end of ...

Question about 1994 Intrepid

1 Answer

chip key Lost key. Put in new ingnition now it doesn't work help If you had the grey key.. That is the PATS key for Chrysler Corp. If it was black... non pats and any correct cut key will work. ...

...How long was the Battery Dead/OFF the vehicle? Does it RUN for a second and QUIT ? Does it have a Security Light and is it on or flashing sparatickly? POSSIBLE - * The battery has been dead or off ...

DOES A 1997 DODGE INTREPID HAVE A STANDARD IGNITION KEY OR A CHIPPED IGNITION KEY? Probably standard my 2003 intrepid was standard

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