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...pressure 50 %. do not think fuel pump. possibly security system. do not know how to reset security. It is theft detected. definitely security system. take to dealer or call dealer for code to


Security system will not shut off and car will not start Replaced the battery with no problems. When I tried to start it a few days later, it would not start and the security alarm (horn) would keep ...


Question about 1995 DeVille

2 Answers system because it wont start and the security light is blinking. The security system (VATS/PassKey) is having problems, it's typical on those cars. You can find a great write-up here: ... system on a 2002 chevy venture van? and it will not start Good morning, I am having a problem starting my 2000 chevy venture. I believe its the security system acting up, can anyone tell me ... system by the 10 min wait with key in ignition until security light turns off. Today car started up with no problem until I was on my way home and car staled. Security light wasn't ...

Question about 2000 Venture

1 Answer system My van is an everyday driver. I came home shut the car off, and now it will not turn over the car lights up. Always check your maneul for resetting the security system but try using ...

Question about 2007 Camry

1 Answer system Security light is on did you google this, there are like 2million posts on this and most answer are , correct here i type and ... keeps kicking in and shutting down the van after starting There is a problem detected within the security system by the security module. Try locking and unlocking the door with ...

Question about 2001 Windstar

1 Answer

security system lock out mode Alarm System Operation & Diagnosis - Range Rovers (If done by the key, a press on the remote locking button is still

...Security System in 2002 buick rendevous fuel pump is locked out Passlock III reset procedure reset security system on chevy

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