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Question about Cadillac DeVille

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...wheel don't work. battery light stays on. battery and alternator are good - we checked it Your security system has locked itself. You will have to go to the dealer and have them reset the


security on this vehical??? lock and unlock the doors with the key fob this usually resets the alarm. If the key fob doesnt work there is a procedure for resetting the system. But I can't remember off


Question about 1995 DeVille

2 Answers system because it wont start and the security light is blinking. The security system (VATS/PassKey) is having problems, it's typical on those cars. You can find a great write-up here: ...

Question about 1995 DeVille

2 Answers

car wont start due to a security feature. the car battery has been dead for a week, i just jumped it and now it wont start due to security depending on the year of what you own here refer to the ...

Question about 2002 Deville

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...Security system warning came on and car will not start. Is there an easy reset? SWITCH IGNITION ON WITH MASTER KEY TO BE PROGRAMMED.TURN ON IGNITION KEY TO ON POSITION.SYSTEM LED SECURITY LIGHT WILL ...

Question about 1998 DeVille

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Security system code keeps coming on says car may not restart. Is there a way to disarm this or reset it ? you will have to go to a shop that has the tool to reprogram the security system with all the

...I need a new ignition & key but I think I just need to reset the security. This link will help you out. Has alot of information on the system.

...start because security light on and car wont start now Is possible that ypu need to reset the security system, I suggest check on the 1999 Cadillac Deville Owners Manual this procedure. Hope

security light comes on and car won't start take battery cables off for 30 minutes the reconnect see if the system will reset ..or go to auto zone and have them reset your codes free

Question about 2000 DeVille

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security system reset or bypass no crank lights flashing security and check engine Is it a new key or a new anything?

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