Questions & Answers for: Chrysler Town & Country out of service 21


Question about 2005 Town & Country

1 Answer

Service Engine Soon light flashes. This combination of flashes identifies a fault code. For example, a code 21 would be flash, flash, pause, flash. All codes are 2 digits. Multiple codes are seperated


Question about 2001 Town & Country

1 Answer

service engine soon on 1998 dodge caravan 3 l I did the code check thing and it came up 12 21 21 is the problem....can anyone enlighten me as to what this means...tks this is a bad o2 sensor ...


Question about 2000 Town & Country

2 Answers

21 in. Hg. DTC will set in Powertrain Control Module (PCM) memory when PCM senses catalyst efficiency deteriorated to a predetermined value. Possible causes for DTC to set are: intermittent condition,

when changing the oil pan on a 2006 town & country do you have tighten the bolts in a sequence? when replacing the oil pan is there any special way the bolts go back in like in an order or can i ...

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