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Question about Motor 2002 Elantra

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Won't start in the morning The last few mornings when I go to start my 2002 Elantra, the car turned over but wouldn't start. Almost as if it was misfiring. When I try to start it again, it starts ...


engine starts after about 5-7 seconds i got an elantra 2000. when i start it in the morning, the engine imediately starts. but when i re start the car after 30 mins, an hour or in the after it will ...


2000 hyundai elantra will not stay running while driving Started 2 days ago, car would turn over and not start. Later in the day car started as if nothing was wrong, then a couple hours later, ...

Question about 2000 Elantra

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2000 hyundai elantra hard starting when you first start it up, then after its starts, it starts right up. but some times it starts right up, an sometimes it wont it will crank an almost seems like it ...

hyundai elantra diesel wont start. the immobilser hyundai elantra diesel 2004 wont start. the immobilser light wont come on when i insert key and try and start i have a hyundai elantra, 01, diesel. it

1999 Hyundai Elantra not starting first time when it's cold. It only starts after the 2nd or third crank. I have replaced the cold start switch (coolant sensor), but it still doesn't start the first ...

only in morning my car is not starting after sun comes up it starts with no office is 20 kms away from my home so i need sto start at 7 but it is not starting. kindly help You may have a ...

have fully charged battery but car will not start. It will start if I get a jump start from another car battery. The voltage to the starter and alternator needs to be tested.Also see if the&

I can't start my 1995 hyundai elantra after forgetting to turn off the lights when going for class. I try to jump start it but the car won't start and all the lights keep on flashing and flick

When I turned the ignition off and opened the door, the inside lights & headlights were dead. I started the car and it started fine, but when I killed it, all lights were dead. When I went out a I

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