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Ad freestar rear hatch latch broken 2004 ford freestar rear hatch latch came off in my hand. I can't find a way to open the door or put it back in. It does not show a broken piece at all. have you ...


...Ford Freestar 4.2 Lt SE, she won't turn over, the battery is fully charged and the starter is brand new and I had to hook up a wire to the Soluoid nut and use the wire on the battery to start it up , ...


...get our 2005 ford freestar to start, it shuts off right away. What it wrong with it? Have someone check it with an obdll scan tool to see if there are any codes. This will give you a place to

Question about 2004 Freestar

1 Answer freestar 2004 and now it wont start You did not state which engine you have in your Freestar, but here is the arrangement for the four cylinder, Come back to me if this is not correct and you ... freestar will not start the antitheft light keeps flashing the anti theft light flashes Look in ur 2004 freestar book and find the fuse it should be #9 (PATS FUSE)under the driver dash. Take the ...

...start 2004 Ford Freestar would not start and we knew the battery was weak as we had it tested. So we replaced the battery and now it still will not start? Could I have blown a fuse in the process? I ... freestar when starting up for the day gives a steady chime or beep, what could this be. It seems to be coming from the right front side of the van. I have less than 50k miles and it's rarely ...

ford freestar engine is repairable or engine internal spare parts are avilable my ford freestar is not operational due to the abnormal sound when i start here in the US evrything is available

Where is the speed sensor on my 2004 Ford Freestar and if it is missing will it cause my transaxle light to start blinking? Thank you in advance? 2004 Ford Freestar Output Shaft Speed Sensor (OSS)

ford freestar 4.2 limited, van wont start and theres a p1518 code,the imrc valves open and close but van still wont start This code will not cause a no start. Does the engine turn over but not fire or

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