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...Suzuki Jimny engine stalls when A/C is used - Wait 4-5min and starts again - No Service Warning signs Hello, I have a 1998 Suzuki Jimny and have noticed an intermittent A/C related problem. When ...


why my 2010 suzuki jimny wont start and the engine icon not visible Best Manuals for the easy solution download the pdf file


suzuki jimny which enigne? we can never guess that. (rare) 1: pull neg lug of battery terms. 2: get the belt slack. (RTM, read the FSM ) read fac. sev. man. 3; loosen all alt pivot bolts. and tilt alt

Question about 2006 Jimny 1.3

1 Answer here. so what engine, we can never guess your engine we can look under your hood, so... you need 2 things staged torques and order. per wiki there are these engines used on GEN3 658 cc K6A I3 ... (dealer parts pages?) the plastics are there to stop (like relic cars had) shift lever buzz. the older 5speed at G16 engines had this. i cant

Question about 2007 Jimny 1.3

1 Answer have 2 baros, mine has 3. one for altitude, inside ecu, one for map TBI engine, (map sensor main 108 fails ) one for EGR map, to test EGR only. (my G16b has it) we dont have 1.3 Jimny's ...

Question about 2007 Jimny 1.3

1 Answer

cars. why 2, why not tell country , engine controls run and work different on all countries (due to smog laws, etc) the ignitor in most suzuki's moved to 2 places back in 1990s (late) to the COP coil

Question about 2010 Jimny 1.3

2 Answers the motor made by Toyota or peugeot /citroen? The Suzuki Motor Corporation makes all the M series engines for the Suzuki range. This isn't a definite answer but I thought the m13a was Suzukis

...Suzuki jimny not charging,changed battery and alternator,fuses checked still no joy. The main wire from bac of alt to batt is worn out...or a fuse or othr conection. Hook a jumper cable in place ...

...Suzuki Jimny 2005. It overheated and smoke poured from underneath the bonnet. I am not an engineer. Any ideas? Yes you have likely burned up the engine and that is what all the smoke is about. Also ...

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