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Google (alcatel)(3026g)(manual) without parens.

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Your phone is asking for a PUK code?
Is your phone asking for a PUK code. PUK = Personal Unlocking Key. Personal Unblocking Key, or PIN Unblocking Key.

This can only come from your cellphone carrier and usually the company that still owns the phone under the agreement. Sometimes it is because you have put another SIM card in it, and they own the phone and need you to use them as carrier to get the price of the phone back, or you are in default of payment, or on a Pay as You Go plan, it is over expired. I can also happen if you have entered the unlock code wrongly three times. This often happens when a phone is stolen or lost and has been found by or sold to someone else who then try and use the phone.
A personal unblocking code (PUC), also known as a PIN unlock key (PUK), is used in 3GPP mobile phones to reset a personal identification number (PIN) that has been lost or forgotten.
Most mobile telephones offer the feature of PIN protection. After switching on the phone, if the PIN security function is active, the user is requested to enter a 4-8 digit PIN enabling the phone's non-emergency calling functions. If the wrong PIN is typed in more than three times, either the SIM card, the device, or both become locked. They can be returned to their original unlocked state by entering a PUC, provided by the service operator after verification. If the wrong PUC is entered ten times in a row, the device will become permanently blocked and unrecoverable, requiring a new SIM card. Cellular phone users are therefore advised by most providers to keep their PUC written down in a safe place separate from the device.
The PUC (PUK) is a SIM-specific code assigned and provided by the service provider.
Once you enter the PUK code, you must set a PIN. The PUK and PUK2 are used to unlock the PIN and PIN2 codes respectively if your SIM card is blocked
From Bell
The PIN unblocking key (PUK; sometimes called personal unlocking key) is a master security code for unblocking and resetting the personal identification number (PIN) for your SIM card. For added security, the PUK is unique to your SIM card.
If your PIN code is active and you enter it incorrectly three times, your SIM card will be blocked. You won't be able to use your phone, except for emergency calls. You must enter your PUK into your phone to unblock the SIM card.
If your SIM card becomes blocked, Contact us to get your PUK. You may be able to do it from the website or your cellular provider. This is from Orange - T-Mobile in the UK.

Your phone can become blocked in a number of ways - one of them is if you enter your SIM card PIN number incorrectly three times in a row.
To unblock your SIM card, you will need to use something called a PUK (Personal Unblocking Key).
Remember that unblocking is different to unlocking. Read more information on unlocking your device.

How to get a PUK code

The quickest way to get a PUK code is online using My Account. We'll show you this information whenever you need it.
  1. Register or log in to My Account.
  2. Select Help & Support from the main menu options on your account homepage.
  3. Select Get your PUK code.
  4. Then select Get PUK1 code.
  5. Once you have your PUK code, enter this into your phone to unblock your SIM.
Please enter your PUK code carefully - if you enter the wrong PUK code 10 times, you will permanently block your SIM card and we'll need to send you a new one.
Personal identification number

Subscriber identity module

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Contact your network carrier & after identifying yourself, they will give the puk code!
Make a note of it, it doesnt change

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Customer set code? Do a Hard Reset

PUK Code or SIM Lock can only come from the Telco that owns the phone.

Hard Reset

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Then, press and hold the power key while holding down the volume down button. Keep both keys held down for 10 seconds or so but this time while the phone is connected to its charger.May 11, 2018

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You can't.

Google lock is an anti-theft mechanism.

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Here is the process to get unlock code
Follow these steps:
Select: Brand Name
Select: Model No and click unlock button
on the next page proceed the steps below:
1) select purchase country and network on which device is locked, your mail
id then make payment
2) We will send you login details(Username and Password) for at the same moment in your mail to update IMEI No
3) Make login and Update IMEI, we will deliver you the code in The least possible time

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with your droid unlocked, connect the usb cable between your droid and pc.You should see a notification "Charging this device via USB" in the notification bar, tap the notification.
in the menu "Use USB for:" select the file transfer option. Copy the files you want, then eject the droid from windows to finish.

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you have to contact safelink and they will assist you i cantact them everytime i have a prob with mines, the number is>>1-800-867-7183 this num gives you the option to be connected to safelink or tracphone, because both companys are linked together if they are any other purchases you need to make you can visit this cool website>>, also if you ever need expert help over the phone you call go to this link>>> also im sending you a link in case you want to start your own buisness online>>>-

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Hold the power on/off button for at least 30 seconds. It fixed my exact issue ??

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Look on google ,input your device name followed by user manual,should find what you need

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I know this Is a boring answer, it’s it’s real! Contact your service provider and if that’s not helfuk contact Alcatel Directly! It may be carrier locked, etc., make sure that’s not the case or anything similar!

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suggest you read the user manual for your mystery alcatel phone.
if it did not come with the manual then google search mystery model number and user manual may have videos - search { mystery model number ? } and inserting sim
google search {??? mystery model number ??} and inserting sim card

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