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my mb p5gc-mx have problem with audio driver. each to install the audio driver. failure. I try to install with aother cd p5gc-mx. but afailure again. how to install the audio driver. so my audio can hear?

ASUS... | Answered on Mar 01, 2019

pricey Zenbook
so under what conditions does this thing Hoe , out, with gpt3.
hoe = shovel out? (toss)
GPT3 is hard disk 3 GPT partition failure I guess.
the PC has some kind of corruption .
do the recovery steps in your manual>?
it's there.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Feb 28, 2019

ok that is good question!
lets see what is this thing, it is a
ASUS Transformer Mini T102HA

1-so we RTM read the manual first , not told there.!
2-top mobo no coin,
3:bottom of mobo, no coin nor jacks for it.
4:no one sell it, for this PC.

conclusion, the big battery is IT, there is no CMOS battery separate here, do to battery big moving to the insides, where owner cant reach,
this is vary common for cracker thin notebooks pads and cell phones.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Feb 24, 2019


ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Feb 23, 2019

2008 old motherboard day, no cpu , no ram no GPU card stated
in the stop slot, nor if it needs (tell model card) AUX power feed.
the users manual sadly has no beep codes, told. (asus is slipping on good support, unlike grand,, top maker of PCs)
the top slot is x16 PCI-express, it needs GPU card three
if you pick on that sucks 30amps. if will fail with out a v2.3 version 600watt PSU.
if you pick a gpu card that is 75watts max 6amp max, any card will work there, GPU,
gaming cards will fail, if over 75watts. (like the old gtx650 )
but a new gtx1050 will run with most PSU's (no not 250watts)
see if you posted what you have we can tell you ,ok this is good but that is so wrong.
some how your , lost this page, missing VGA card.


ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Feb 23, 2019

Contact Asus for a one-time BIOS password.

ASUS K52F-BBR5... | Answered on Feb 20, 2019

I got this free Pdf manual from an online store for free and I don't think Ive visited a mechanic or fixya for help for more than 3-4 times out of the all the times I fixed the chipper in these 4 years

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Feb 11, 2019

Harvey Norman so you post to USA forum about a store in Australia? really>?
You purchased this 10 years ago right,if yes wow.
I went to Normans online no used PC there. so...

first off if you asked them for passwords this is now ILLEGALL by law spring 2018 , and your country is signatory on GDPR regulations I think, right? security key what does that mean?
my guess now is its asking for
why not tell what is on your screen NOW.
bios PW lost? what?
HDD password locked
some have power on PW locks
then comes windows PW.
and and last , your windows activation code
not posting your failing screen photos makes this impossible to answer.
gee computers are complex and for sure when busted.0afb93b5-cd9e-4acc-83ac-3445a4560af6.png

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Feb 10, 2019

Couple reviews on Amazon regarding not powering up again. Depending on when you purchased, could try and take advantage of the warranty, but it could be internal, where the charging port is damaged.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Feb 08, 2019

you can't.
ask the owner , did they pass on/?
all you can do is killdisk it
the reload the OS

by design, in fact.
read at how bitlocker works
answer :perfectly.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Jan 28, 2019

unpair jbl speaker in windows 10
then put jbl speaker into pairing mode
then on windows 10 pair speaker in bluetooth settings
test speaker to see / hear if it now works

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Jan 27, 2019

why not go to
go to there forum and ask for help,
oops, the nuked(it)
the first questions would not be that.
but what might fail, if I did.
me301t = ASUS MeMO Pad Smart ME301T-A1-BL 1
this notPAD?
USA or outside usa.
inside USA ALL I SEE IS 302C (nearest_)
it shows no 4.3 there
so go to and Android forum (real) and ask, my guess is risky
why do this, got valid reason to jump ship?
the good ship ASUS?

302c found, not 301 for what EVA reason.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Jan 27, 2019

one of the top makers in the word 1995 to now.
all drivers are there,for sure.
easy no.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Jan 26, 2019

Hi Yes
You got a virus onto the SSD do not use again and for safety myself I would clean all out keep what files you need first then do a factory resit as it may still have some parts of a virus inside best be safe than sorry, had same myself long time ago, take care good luck.
Clive From Holyhead

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Jan 26, 2019

I don't think you downloaded the driver from the realtek site.

ASUS... | Answered on Jan 26, 2019

please tell what you are doing first
my wild guess is this oddly named monitor has Its OWN BUTTONS LOCKED THAT IT?
if yes this is covered in the manual.
lost that? google "Asus xg27v manual.... bingo
there are no standards here for OSD lock we call it.
but holding the actual button on the monitor marked menu. for 10 seconds unlocks many brands of monitor.
i cant read it for you , Im near off the grid on vacation, limited data.
but you can.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Jan 08, 2019

Hello Tara.
no PC stated, (no streaming source stated of 1000s)
no OS stated (windows what or Lunix what?)
ASUS has like 10,000 PC made from 1995 to 2018 .
we can not guess what is before you eyes ever.
not at all.
nor is there a question asked, only a statement,
connecting is the only word your used, key
how to do, how come.?
where is...?
why does.?
when does.?
questions are formed like that.
please ask a question.
my wild guess is pressing cell phone keys are hard,
sure me too, and I avoid them,

lets say you said how can I stream say
on say a 10 year or newer PC running w10;
answer,: (random)
1: get a account (it's not free) do this from any other PC on earth or any smart phone. (or vudo or hulu or ROKU)
2: then get the PC not stated, connected to the INTERNET,
3: login to netflix and watch any movie there.

easy as 1,2,3,

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Dec 31, 2018

Please check the connectivity we have 2 ports one for esata and other for sata

Please connect to sata port

ASUS A7V133... | Answered on Dec 31, 2018

Contact ASUS to request it.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Dec 22, 2018

fresh posts. read the spec on the tab. it tells you what is inside the device.. 802 wireless is wifi the 4g hardware varies by country, unstated by you. by communications laws in every country here USA is FCC laws. and by CARRIER, no carrier stated either,. your model number is malformed, incomplete. 100s of submodels made, only full models can we find a spec. is this a zenpad? S3 (not 3) but S3? you left off the S? 9.7" screen ok. ever look here, and find your TAB. if you find it there, and read the spec and has 4G then call your carrier ask them if they support this tab the carrier may only support a tiny few tabs so ask them first.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Dec 21, 2018

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