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If this was the other way around, I would say it'd be okay for a couple of days. Hamsters have a pretty advanced digestion system and can get bloaty and sick when fed the wrong things. But never fear if you google hamster food you can find some more ''organic?" supplements until you can make it back to your local store. Rats/Mice on the other hand are made to hoard their food. They don't stuff it in their cheeks, although mine likes to sometimes it seems, they like to hide their food. Doing this they burn more energy and need a higher energy/protein diet.

I don't buy rat food, I make my own. I did the same with my hamster too with the store bought mix. Here's a list from my memory you can give hamsters that you may have around the house.

Granola (Good for teeth!)
Cooked red meat (like hamburger meat)
Water Chestnuts
Shelled almonds (more fun!)
Bread/Toast (My friend made peanut buttered toast for her hammy)
Fish (fully cooked!)
Eggs (Scrambled/Boiled no fried)
Cheese (in moderation)
Mealworms and crickets (you probably don't have these but for future reference :) )
Dog Biscuits (Try to stay away from some high in protein, and it's good for their teeth!)

Hope that helps!

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No, Trump is a liar and will soon be impeached. He should actually be shot for being a traitor to our country with Russia when Obama was still president.

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This is probably way too late, but...

It will take some effort on your part. You can buy a safe (non-poison) rodent repellent on Amazon. That's only part of the solution, though: you need to make sure that there are no openings to the outside that a mouse could get through (an adult mouse can squeeze through a hole a bit smaller than a dime). If you live in an older home, it may have roof ventilation that is open to the outside; mice can climb very well, so to open vents would need be covered with screen.

You can also get live traps - bait them with some peanut butter or sunflower seeds, and leave them before you go to bed where you see there has been activity (gnawed objects or droppings). The next morning, take the traps to a park or meadow/woods and let the little intruders go. Try and relocate them a good distance from your house, or they'll find their way back. IMPORTANT! Don't keep a mouse in a live trap any longer than you need to 8-10 hours max) or the stress will kill them.

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You can put a piece of clear plexiglass to divide the cage in two. They can still see each other but with no shinanagans

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Wood is made up of cellulose fibers and when digested turns to sugar in the rats digestive tract.

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They can be very friendly if raised from babies. They need to be caged at night or they will cause you grief.

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Cover the cage at nite so it is dark inside and then the hammie should sleep also.

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With proper care, a guinea pig can live six to eight years. Google "guinea lynx" for one of the best sources of health and care info.

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How old was she? Going past her due date by a week may not have been the cause (I had a female that delivered two weeks late!), but without a veterinarian doing a post-mortem exam, there's really no way to know. Guinea pigs are very good at hiding health problems until they are critical, so there's a possibility she could have developed ketosis without showing it.

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no problem except you will have lots of baby hamsters fairly quickly.

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Mice will survive just fine on their own outdoors.

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put food coloring on each tail.

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No, warm him up a bit inside your clothing or put him a warm hot water bottle. Give him water and glucose.

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Did you ever hear the phases "AGE DOESN'T MATTER WHEN IT COMES TO LOVE"? Focus in whether its serious or playing only?

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Try this link:

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I'm fine,thank you. And how are you?

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