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Use a non alcohol based silicon spray or liquid. The WD40 brand make the 3 in 1 silicone spray and it’s good for all non waxed running belts. Just make sure you get the spray in the middle of the belt. (Underneath of course) watch a YouTube video if unsure.

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This usually means a faulty LCB or motor.The fact it has not been used much doesn't matter. It is 7 years old. Usually you can not see faulty parts on the LCB. I do think if you really want the answer call a treadmill repairer . If you don't know what you are doing it can be dangerous.

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Your controller is shot. Replace your controller

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This could be cused by the the display cover you touch to control the functions pressing on the touch switch array just under it. Carefully remove this. it is held on by adhesive and see if the symptom goes away. If it does, look for any dents on the cover. I have worked with these type of switches for nearly 20 years and they can be problematic. The other possibility is the mechanical switches you use to increase/decrease speed or tilt. They plug in seperately and you can disconnect them to see if they are causing the problem.

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replace the old batteries and clean the contacts with c. cleaner
2) tight and clean the ribbon cables insides.
3) tight the upper and lower connection , and clean
4) Adjust the Reed SWITCH, see the diagram attached.
God bless youa69ffffa-58f3-4090-87b2-8735485741e2.gif

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see the video and proceed according. God bless you

2) LUBE the rollers bearings too
3) test the drive belt motor, and replace it
4) Test the input voltage motor, if there are the motor need repair, see my personal TIPS for help
5) Test the output voltage board, for input voltage motor, if there are NOT THE board is faulty. see the block d.
God bless you

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God bless you

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Dear Sir:

I will help you.

Please in all this check in, use The Vom digital:
1. NoPower
o 1 Make sure that the surge protector being used isproperly grounded and turned on. Check that the treadmill power cord isproperly plugged into the surge protector. o 2 Check to see that the key is inserted in theconsole. o 3 Check the circuit breaker on the frame near thepower cord. If the reset/off circuit breaker has tripped, wait 5 minutes andthen reset the breaker by pressing the switch in.
4)Check the circuit breaker from the main panel( wall) and Measure the Voltage for properly 115VAC. if there .
Hoping help you, contac me if there are something extra.
E.CUADRA Managua, Nicaragua.C.A.

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Removethe bolts or screws securing the console to the upright assembly. Lift theconsole and confirm that the cable connections are secure. Remove the coverfrom the console's battery bay and install a fresh set of batteries. Replacethe battery cover.2
Detachthe ends of the pedals from the crank axles. Remove the left and right discshields and side shields. Inspect the interior of the base unit and locate theflywheel.3
Inspectthe flywheel as it turns. Locate the magnet installed on the flywheel. Turn theflywheel until the magnet passes in front of the nearby reed switch. Loosen thescrew securing the switch in place. Rotate the switch to reduce the gap betweenit and the magnet. Tighten the screw.4
Replacethe left and right disc shields and side shields. Reattach the ends of thepedals to the crank axles.
Good luck, sincerely.

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If the console takesbatteries, replace them. If this does not work or your console does not requirebatteries, check the reed switch or optic sensor. Reed Switch:Unplug the treadmill and remove the motor hood cover. The reed switch is mountedon the frame next to the front roller pulley. There is a magnet glued into thefront roller pulley. When adjusting the reed switch, make sure it is pointingdirectly at the magnet. Move the tip of the reed switch within 1/8" of themagnet. Also, check to see that the wire is not damaged, and is connected tothe console. 12_3_2011_4_59_31_pm.gif2nd Step: tight the keypanel vs Display board and clean with contact cleaner spray . Tight the connector from Display Board vs Main Motor Board.

See the block diagram how the main motor board has aprox 90% functions in any treadmill. Good luck, Now you will strong resultant in determine what is faulty.


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Dear Sir:

The best way is to go to the company, and they can resolve your problem.

Otherwise you will be lose your time. Remember the factory has many options with the manufacturer of the screen, and gave the o.k for your equipment.


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Watch the videos:
Some equipment has board for relais. Test if the relais for Down and Up and closing and open. and cleand contact with special spray contact cleaner (radio schack or computer store). Finally see some loose connections or wires.
12_3_2011_5_05_19_pm.gifSEE the block diagram, and now you will have strong resultant for to determine what is faulty. Look how the main motor has the90% aprox functions in any treadmills. sincerely.

Good luck.


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the console first and then the uprites that hold the console. that should be enough

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1st take side rails off front hood .you have afront roller and a back roller. for the front take out the two or one bolts holding the the roller in placenow the back roller take out the bolts that hold the roller in place . now on the deck there is 3or 4 screwson each side holding the deck in place. slide w/ belt off put on new deck.install screws, rollers ,bolts.. now center w/belt and adjust tention on w/belt

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Your problem might be that a magnet has fallen off. Here's an illustrated guide which should make fixing it easy:

Good luck.

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Lets eliminate the motor first, unplug unit remove motor shroud fin the 2 leads from motor to lower board. Connect a 18v DC battery to the leads this start the motor to move at approx. 1 mph if it does motor is good,if not you may worn motor brushes worst case open connection in the motor.
Now if the motor is good then reconnection the leads and plug in unit the lower board should have some LEDs lit up. Now find the LED that says PWM start unit if that light should start to flicker then the upper board and wire harness are work properly. Turn off the treadmill then turn it on and with a multi meter insert the leads into the connectors that go to the motor, then put the meter on 200v DC then start the treadmill you should get a reading 5 to 10v DC if you get 0v DC then the board will need replacing

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Go to or call them@ 1-800-750-4766 since Keys Fitness went out of business they bought the parts inventory I am assuming that they will have manual for you unit.

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