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i don't know. most dryers come with a chart showing what wires are for. green is usually used for ground but read
your chart. few have chart with owner's manual and most i have seen are in a clear plastic bag stuck on the back or
stuck in the open area under the tub.

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Go to and enter medb835dw4. With luck, you will be presented with a list of replacement parts/assemblies and may be able to view a generic Maytag video showing disassembly.

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If the dryer is working but not producing any heat you are having the most common problem with dryers. Most of the time the problem is in a blown fuse or a faulty heating element. There are times when the main control board needs to be replaced in order to solve this problem.

Thermal Fuse: The thermal fuse prevents the dryer from over heating. Fuses are possibly located on the blower housing at a dryers heat source. For electric dryers this would be the heating element and for gas dryers this would be at the burner. If the fuse has blown it will have no continuity as shown by a multimeter. Pro Tip: A blown fuse could be the sign of a clogged vent or exhaust pipe. Check as required.

I found this at
Check it out for more info on your dryer issue. Good luck!

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check the drum support rollers

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Check the igniter it should glow when turned on

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I did A & B, B actually did the trick and I have had absolutely no problems.

Possible Solutions
Power unit down by turning off the circuit breaker(s) for one (1) minute.
  1. Power unit up by turning on the circuit breaker(s).
  2. Start a time dry cycle.
  3. Monitor the dryer for one (1) minute to ensure the error code does not display again.
It indicates that the lint screen or vent is clogged; the vent is crushed, kinked or has too many turns. ... The dryer will continue to run when this diagnostic code is present.

My dryer did the same thing. I cleaned all the vents thoroughly, if you are unable to clean inside where the vent screen is try this. remove lint screen, using tape or rubberband attach a empty paper towel roll to the end of your vacuum crevice tool. Also at the 99 cent store I purchased a appliance brush to loosen any lint inside before vacuuming. The brush works better then the one I purchased from Home Depot for $15.
Vacuum the inside of the dryer, be sure to vacuum the very back inside and around the door.
This is the tricky part now.
The dryer flex hose actually has to be set just right. If the placement is incorrect you will get the error codes, dryer turns off after mins etc.

Here is a Flex hose tip video. Hope this is helpful

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I don't know what it means but you can try to reset the control panel by unplugging it for 10 minutes then plugging it back in. This may or may not help but it works every time my dryer gets stuck on or off with the panel display showing something odd, or stuck on so many minutes left but it doesn't ever stop. It won't cost you anything to try this. If it happens very often you may need the panel replaced.

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I'm having trouble finding the exact capacity of your dryer, but I believe it is around 7.0 cu ft, which is about as large as you can get in a standard-width home dryer.

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be very careful with electricity. fuses are in the home's wiring. open the dryer door. if possible follow the wire
from the large plug back to the home's main electrical panel. there may be a small panel just for the dryer or it may be connected directly into the main panel. locate the fuses if used, unscrew them and replace them with ones you know are good or use an electrical meter to test the original fuses for continuity. install good fuses.
if your system uses circuit breakers, locate the breakers and look to see if they have been moved from the on position. switch them off and on a few times and leave them on. go and close the dryer door and choose a new dryer setting to try to see if your dryer works. great if all works as it should. if dryer won't start or fails again, you need to have your house wiring inspected or your dryer repaired. call for help without delay.

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i don't know. consider shutting off dryer, open the dryer door, turn off the main electrical source [shut off circuit breakers for dryer or unscrew fuses.
shut the dryer door and turn breakers on and or fuses in. this may reset your machine's internal program.
choose a new timed setting to see if all is OK.

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Most likely cause is a thermal fuse or the heating element. And if it's a thermal fuse, you need to make sure the dryer vent is clear and un-restricted, since that is the most common cause of thermal fuses blowing.

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With the door open, push the door switch and turn the drum by hand clockwise while pressing the start button. Need 3 hands for this. If it starts to run then it's the motor switch. If the drum turns freely, it's the belt

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Only thing that comes to mind is,  it may be in "advertising" mode

Try Pressing the damp dry and sensor dry keys
for 5 seconds will take it out of the 
Advertising mode.

(In Advertising mode No functions will be run
except illuminating the LEDs.)

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if you are turning it from the inside of the dryer with ease then check to see if belt broke.

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It’s most likely caused by your Cycling Thermostat AP6007567. When this thermostat opens due to heat in the blower housing, the timer starts running. I believe this thermostat is bypassed in the Timed Dry mode. The thermostat is on the blower housing so you would have take the front off the dryer to access it.

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The most likely cause is a lack of tension on the belt.?

I'm not familiar with this particular model so here's a few diagnostic pointers;
It may be that there's a spring-loaded belt tensioner that you've not properly reattatched.?

I could be that there's a (or a couple) of tension-adjustment bolts, around the drive-motor, which can move the motor a little, to take up the belt tension.?

It could also be that the new drive-belt is NOT the correct one for the job.?
If there is no tensioner or adjuster, then the belt will be a 'stretch' type, which is a tiny bit undersized & needs to be gently levered into place on the motor & drum pulleys.?

The old belt should have a part number on the webbing on the outside of it.
Make sure that the new belt has exactly the same part number on it.?

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I don't see the installation guide or specifications for the MDE7657AYW. However, most Maytag electric dryers (220 or 240V) require a 30A fuse/breaker. See .

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells
(The gas dryers need a 15A breaker.)

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