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I assume the model starts with a M, not a W?

Anyway, you did not indicate if the washer does not do any draining ... or it just leaves a bit of water in the chamber?

No draining issue (no pumping sound):
Your washer could have a faulty drain pump and motor assembly, loose wire connection in the drain pump circuit or it could have a faulty machine control board.

Some draining issue:
It did not look like your washer model has a built in pump suction filter/strainer that is cleanable ... but there could be some obstruction in the pump suction or in the hoses after the pump. Straighten drain hoses and eliminate kinked hoses.
Watch video if you want to inspect the pump and hoses

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Try spin only cycle. Should drain water then spin. If that doesn't work it may be the power outage started as a power spike and fried your control board. Good luck.

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The "FL" is indicating that the door has failed to lock or it locked but the control does not sense the door has locked.

It could be caused by:
faulty door lock solenoid
loose wire connection
faulty door lock switch
faulty door lock sense switch
bad control board

I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair your washer.
but try this first just in case....unplug it for 1 minute plug back in and see if the fault code clears.
good luck.

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Hello Jperegrim,

your Owners Manual... Page 30
depicts the control board removal

As far as the possibility of water damage... Static shock
(small ones you might not even feel) can completely
blow away any semiconductors you are working NEAR

look up ROSEWILL anti-static wrist bands...!!

carefully inspect the contact of your connections...

you can VERY CAREFULLY "refresh" contact connections
with a gentle touch of a soft graphite pencil point.

Force nothing...!!

If if the ribbon cable does not side out... RE-READ
the part about lifting the releases.

hope this helps.

Carnac the Magnificent

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well logically as superintendent you would be contacting the manufacturer of the machine and getting the details from them
or better still the land lord should be getting the details and passing them on to you or have the service agent come in and do the job for you as the cost is a tax deduction for him

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Suggest use detergent designed specifically for your model.

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Might be thermal fuse.

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Try unplugging the washer for 30 seconds then run a rinse and spin cycle. If it is still acting up you can remove the top panel and reach your arm down the front right side and find the door latch assembly. At the bottom up it is a pull tab. Pull that down and you will release the door latch. Image Whirlpool WP8182634 Door Lock Latch PartSelect

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Drain the water off then try again then check your foilter

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Give this site a try. Some guy on the forum had the Neptune issue and found a replacement seal. There are some how-to videos on YouTube(may not be your specific dryer, but same idea.) I'll let you have the joy of looking on YT.

Maytag Neptune Dryer MDE9700AYW Felt Drum Liner

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There is a 2" L shape hose connected to that drain hole under. You can unclog it using a soft plastic stick. Stick it on to that hole do not force it turn the plastic stick while putting it in. Thare are 2 types of door gasket on that model one has hole in it and the other doesn't. If your original doesn't have a hole, the one that has a hole will work but there is a plug on to that hole.

This is your door gasket

Just take the front panell off to see if there's a small hose connected to the gasket drain hole. You can even clean it after taking the panell off

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Try unplugging it for a minute and plug back in, that should reset it.

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Have you tried unplugging it for 1 hour? Yup surprisingly
that is one of the answers for clearing out fault codes on this machine. Sure hope that it works even though you don't have a code a full hard reset may do it.
Best to you.

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If you mean your laundry sink, then mix 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar together and pour it into the drain. Let it sit in the drain for a few hours and then flush the drain with hot water. If you are tslking anout your washing machine you can buy a washing machine cleaner to get rid of the smell.

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Try pushing down lightly on the lid and see if the spin cycle starts back up. On mine, the same thing happened because the small plastic pin attached to the lid was just barely long enough to push the switch that tells the washer that the lid is closed. The spin cycle will only run when that switch is pushed, i.e., when the washer thinks the lid is closed.

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Call the service guy back and tell him what you just told us.

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The problem is the washer is defective.

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goto ( ) click on service then on contact us

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there could be a multitude of reasons for this I would call an engineer for a quote first eric

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