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How to STOP your Samsung Note 9 from constantly pocket dialing

OMG I finally figured out WHY my note 9 was constantly pocket dialing people. I tried so many things. This is what finally fixed it. It is a gesture setting. Open up settings. go to advanced settings then gestures.. Turn off Direct Dial. Direct dial is a setting that makes your phone call someone that you have been texting when you hold the phone to your ear. What happens is when you put the phone in your pocket it thinks you are holding it to your ear.

on Apr 28, 2019 | Samsung SGH Cell Phones

Hard Reset. Power down, press and hold the volume up, and the power button until you see the Recovery Console.

If it mentions a PUK Code, that can only come from the telco that owns the phone.

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If the cellphone was originally purchased from a provider, that provider may be able to still give you the PUK code. Assuming you still have a good standing relationship with the provider, that is.

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Screen is prob damaged & needs replacing?

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stuff bought from yard sales is never a great idea . only a network service can help you

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Important: Stop if you receive an error message. The device may lock permanently if you enter the incorrect code multiple times.
  1. See if your phone is eligible to unlock: Mobile Wireless Device Unlocking.
  2. Contact Customer Care to request the Mobile Device Unlock code for your phone.
  3. Verify the IMEI by typing *#06#.
  4. Insert a Non-T-Mobile SIM & turn the phone on.
  5. The phone will automatically prompt you to enter the code into an empty field.
  6. Click/Tap in the empty field above the "Unlock & Dismiss" options (this will display a key pad on the screen).
  7. Input the unlock code provided by T-Mobile.
  8. Click/Tap Unlock.
  9. The phone will display Network Unlock Successful.

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Go to Settings, Apps Administrator, Phone and Clean Data and Cache, then, restart the phone

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Hi providing that your phone is not on mute it sounds like something is wrong in the microphone or the speaker in your phone ! i
If the phone is still under warranty then take it back to the store where you bought it and get new or let them fixit for you. Hope you get this problem solved.Take care.

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Displays from one phone brand to another are not usually able to be used in another brand, kind of like trying to put a Ford engine in a Chevy.

You should try to connect the phone using a USB cable (the charging cable) between a PC and the phone. That usually auto-mounts the phone as an external drive of the PC.

Then you can browse to the folders on the phone where the photos are and copy them to the PC to preserve them.

If you don't have a PC, perhaps a friend has one, a laptop or desktop, Mac or Windows, shouldn't matter which, and they would help you copy the photos.

If I were doing that for a friend I would then burn them to a CD or DVD as data to save them, or make a video slide show of them to play in a DVD player, or both.

Sorry for the loss of your sister. Hope these ideas help.

The only other options are a screen repair by a qualified tech or a phone uograde. Most carriers will copy your data to a new phone during that process, and you would want to explain how important the photos are to you and verify they survived the transfer ok.

Good luck!

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try hooking it to your PC with a usb cord see if your pc detects it then you can see if it will let you access files on it and you can move pictures to hard drive.

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I just downloaded it for you. Give me an email address to send it to and i will do so right away!

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Seems the X/Y axis is misaligned from the device being dropped or excessive pressure applied to the touch area. Recalibration won't work because there is a physical condition Vs mechanical or other issues. Touch screen replacement may be the only option.

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This phone only supports MPEG4 and H.263

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Try to do that:

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Taking into a repair center you have a bad microphone

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Go to settings
go to developer options
go to usb configuration
click on PTP (picture transfer protocol)
be sur to put it back on charge this phone when your done

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If the powerlead for the phone can be unplugged ftom the powerplug, Then you can plug that end into a PC or Laptop when its connected to the Internet. It should donload a driver and let you look at photos on the phone.

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Here is a video for unlocking your phone. From what I have read, your phone will not support any video format. The audio format supported is MP3. Here is a spec sheet.

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