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I would first check to see if your clutch on the compressor is spinning if not, it seems as if your car is low on refrigerant/ R-134a. I would add a can and see if there are any improvements

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Make sure you have the settings to set both sides warm air, if not then you may need to find a tech person to help with the faults.

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Yea, I have nothing for this, you have to describe the problem at least.

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Is water coming from between head and block? If engine was over heated before you may have a blown head gasket.

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If this is just a recent issue, I would say it sounds like an A/C line is cracked somewhere, and leaking freon. Any decent auto shop can run a leak detection test on it to be certain.

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Inside the steering column.

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it may be the head gasket or the head cracked. best way to tell is run a comp check

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The half shaft is bad from the trans to the wheel what happens is the boot that covers the bearing gets torn open and it throws the grease out and drys up and goes bad!! The sound is greater when your turning

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You might have an intermittent sensor problem. if you can recreate the problem easily head to a repair shop and show them how to get it to do it, and let them diagnose it.

These problems can take hours to figure out, even for Master Technicians like me as you not only have to get it to happen, you have to see it happen.

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You do not have enough charge in it, add 6 more ounces should do it.

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check rack and pionon for wear also check tie rod ends

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Could you possibly attach a picture? The only thing that comes to mind is a float chamber or a excess fuel diaphragm? :)

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under vehicle, passenger side,rear frame rail

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Not sure what you are saying. However. If the car has ran hot. Check the oil see if it looks like chocolet milk or brown spots on the oil dip stick.If thats the case you have either. A cracked head, Warped head,or a blowen head gasket. First thing check the fuses to the fan relay to the raditaitor. If fuses are good. Make sure the fan is turning on when it starts to get hot. If the fan works. Change out the Thermostate. Good Luck.

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your clutch can be good and the compressor has gone bad, The compressor puts the refrigerant under pressure and sends it to the condensing coils. In your car, these coils are generally in front of the radiator. Compressing a gas makes it quite hot. In the condenser, this added heat and the heat the refrigerant picked up in the evaporator is expelled to the air flowing across it from outside the car. When the refrigerant is cooled to its saturation temperature, it will change phase from a gas back into a liquid (this gives off a bundle of heat known as the "latent heat of vaporization"). The liquid then passes through the expansion valve to the evaporator, the coils inside of your car, where it loses pressure that was added to it in the compressor. This causes some of the liquid to change to a low-pressure gas as it cools the remaining liquid. This two-phase mixture enters the evaporator, and the liquid portion of the refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air across the coil and evaporates. Your car's blower circulates air across the cold evaporator and into the interior. The refrigerant goes back through the cycle again and again.

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Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. Let me ask this first. Does it always do this, any speed? How long has this been going on? Do you always use cruise control? Thanks.

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try changing the shock absorbers bushes. also sometimes the springs clunk because when someones removed them they've forgot to put the rubber back in between the spring and the body.

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