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Recalibrate the colors. Flaking is sometimes caused by more ink/toner than can be fused to the media. There's a limit for the total amount of ink/toner. Yours may be set too high.
You'll need a copy of the Printer's User's Guide (also Downloadable from Xerox.com)

Controlling Color Density

When colors look faded, adjust the toner color density to extend the life of the components.

Print and use the Color Reference Page 1 In the printer's front panel, scroll to Calibrate Colors,

press Menu and print the Color Reference Page. 2 Compare the Color Reference Page to the Color Density

Samples on page 39. Make a note of the value (-10 to +10) for each color that most closely matches the samples.

3 Adjust the density for each color: Enter the value noted in Step 2 in the Calibrate Colors menu, under Adjust Each Color.

? Decrease color density: Press . ? Increase color density: Press --->.

4 Reprint the Color Reference Page; check your adjustments

Tektronix Phaser... | Answered on Sep 25, 2011

I had that problem and found it to be simply that the plastic arm of the sensor which watches the output tray on top for an over-full condition got stuck in the UP position. The unit never got to the initialization stage upon powerup because it thought the output tray was full. Just fiddle with that little arm to be sure the pivots are engaged in the holes in its "ears" and that it can move up and down freely.

Tektronix Phaser... | Answered on Apr 27, 2011

Change its setting with default settings, your issue will be resolve automatically.

Tektronix Phaser... | Answered on Feb 27, 2011

----There is a clutch on the feeder behind a black plastic cover on the side that faces the rear of teh printerthat sometimes will slip of not turn at all. Alot of times removing the clutch cleaning it and applying a thin coat of lithium grease will have it working again.
All descriptions of parts and placement are the same. As you are looking at the transfer kit from the back of the printer, the clutch in question is on the far left with a 3/4" tab protruding from it. Take it apart, clean and grease it and it works great.
Being ever so grateful for a free and quick fix, I posted some pictures identifying the part in question:
The photos provided gave me the confidence to fix my Phaser 740 plus and that was 3 months ago. I printed lots with no more jamming.


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Tektronix Phaser... | Answered on Jan 15, 2011

I can send you a new transfer kit for 150 € + shipping cost.


Tektronix Phaser... | Answered on Dec 17, 2010

Replace the Phaser Chip into a QMS 330 Chip ("OPC Drum chip")
It's the chip that tells the printer also that it's a QMS item, regardless if it's originally a Phaser OPC.

Tektronix Phaser... | Answered on Dec 11, 2010

Above is your service and repair manual, below is your user manual, both are invaluable in troubleshooting

This could indeed be the fuser, at the end, it may be dirty, or not working right at the edge, i think there is some sideways adjustment? Or it maybe the heating bar? Also I have heard of some papers being "Better" at receiving the ink, i believe a more porous paper is better?
Please use the service manual, to troubleshoot your issue, further, as unfortunately, as with most electronic things i see in my shop, the symptoms displayed often have many and various "Causes", for the exact same symptom! One simply must work through the troubles shooting steps to isolate a cause.

Tektronix Phaser... | Answered on Oct 27, 2010

From this link select your operating system and download the drivers you asked for.

In case of a problem or clarification, don't hesitate to post me a reply before rejecting my answer.
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direct fixya link: http://www.fixya.com/users/technical114

Tektronix Phaser... | Answered on Sep 13, 2010


It appears that the printer might not be recognizing the printer cartridge. Please turn off the printer and unplug all cables. Remove all the cartridges and reseat them, make sure all are fixed properly. Keep on holding the power button to 15 sec (make sure power cord and any other cord attached to the computer is disconnected). Once finished, pluggin the power cable and restart the printer, that should take care of the business.

Thanks and regards,


Tektronix Phaser... | Answered on Sep 10, 2010

This sounds like a bad main logic board 160K80181

Item, Inc.

Tektronix Xerox... | Answered on Aug 10, 2010

The problem is usually caused by a faulty imaging device, specifically a bad cleaning blade.
Occasionally this error can also be caused by a sticking cleaning blade clutch.

In this case the grease that was used to lubricate the part becomes gummed up and the moving parts begin to stick and don't move freely as they are supposed to. This is especially common on these printers if they are not used heavily or have sat for long periods between uses.

Sometimes you can free up this gummed up grease by running the solenoid diagnostics several times over. You do this by turning off the printer and then powering up while holding buttons 1 and 3 on the front panel display. Button 1 is the exit button.

This will put your printer into service diagnostics mode. Page through the diagnostics menus until you come to the clutches and solenoids menu. Here you need to hit the start button, then scroll through till you see the test for the cleaning blade. Press start to run the test.

Let this test run for about an hour then hit the stop button and turn off and restart your printer.
If your printer is printing normally again then the sticky clutch is your problem and you will eventually need to remove it and clean off the old grease and relube it. I recommend a high quality lithium grease.

If your printer does not print correctly again after doing this test, then chances are that your cleaning blade on your imaging unit is bad and the imaging unit will need to be replaced. You can generally find them on ebay for a reasonable price.

This problem applies to both the phaser 560 and 740 models. The imaging units on both these printers are also interchangeable. So if you have a phaser 560 you can use an imaging device from a 740 and vice versa.

Tektronix Phaser... | Answered on May 26, 2010

There's a solenoid under the control board that actuates a stop for the cleaning blade shaft. The open cell foam the factory used to quiet the noise deteriorates with time leaving a sticky residue from the double sided tape.
Pick all the residue off and clean both the solenoid shaft and the metal plate. If you're concerned about noise, put some electrician's tape on the plate. But you might be going in for that falling off down the road. :p

Tektronix... | Answered on May 12, 2010

2nd Bias Roller Clutch Sticking Causing an ERROR 33

t is the 2nd bias roller clutch. When you pull out the paper feed unit, looking to the left side after you unclip the paper plate guide over the transfer kit, you will see towards the front of the PFU (paper feed unit) a black cylinder with a tab sticking out of it. This is the second bias clutch. You can repack the grease in it. To remove it, the circuit board cover on PFU, black plastic on left side, has a single screw towards the back. Remove this, remove the c-clip from the clutch, bend out the circuit board, gently! and slide the clutch off. Pull appart, the ends will just pull off, remove all the old grease and repack with white, light grade grease. Coat all the parts inside lightly. Note how the spring on the clutch has tags that face down on one end and out on the other. The tag facing down goes on the part with the flag. Put this end on the spring first. Replace the clutch, it can fit on way only as it is keyed and has a cog on one end.

Tektronix Phaser... | Answered on Feb 19, 2010

I have to ask this question of you, just to make sure this is not an issue. Are you using a factory new ink or toner cartridge?
Please consider the following:
If you are using a refilled or third party cartridges that may well be your problem. Most manufacturers build logic into their products to prevent the use of “Other Equipment Manufactured” cartridges as well as re-filled cartridges.
They do this to prevent problems from contaminated inks or toner causing problems with print quality or damaging the physical printhead or photo conductors.
If you are using factory new ink or toner cartridges, then please call the manufacturer’s Technical Support for assistance with the warranty on the cartridges

Tektronix Phaser... | Answered on Feb 18, 2010

This problem occurs do to a defect in the fuser drawer. In the fuser drawer, there are two black plastic parts that can go up or down. Their function is to push the belt cleaner on and off the accumulator belt after every pass. A defect in this system causes these parts to stay up, pushing the belt cleaner on to the belt every step except the last one, causing only the black toner to remain on the belt.
It's hard to track what the exact cause is but I would recommend checking gearing and gear teeth in your fuser drawer.

Tektronix Phaser... | Answered on Jan 29, 2010

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