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It could be the drive failed, can you boot to BIOS at all? I'd recommend a USB Drive adapter, then pull the drive from the laptop, connect to the adapter and then plug into a working PC USB port (Be sure that PC has good/current antivirus and firewall software and it has been backed up itself). The disk should then come up and look like a regular flash drive. Recover the critical files, then back up onto something like a CD or DVD that is set aside for safe keeping. Now you can be a bit more adventurous - potentially the BIOS settings changed, or the on board battery is dead and needs changing (can be complicated). There are also bootable drive recovery utilities that you can spin onto a CD. But data recovery is always first.

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that sounds like a power problem to the mainbaord. I hope you backed up recently. See if you have any clogged fans with dust or bloated capacitors. You may need a new Power supply and mainboard. I would put the hard drive as a secondary in a new machine.

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hi Jeff.
go to this link should show you how to do a reset of your laptop.
How to Reset Your Computer .
or this link.
laptop basic reset Google Search

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You need a replacement keyboard.

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This is NOT a touch screen laptop.

See manual
Portege M750 S7211 Support Toshiba

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Sorry, but flash player is no longer compatible with smartphones or tablets.

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I am also having the same issues with my E-295c tablet as well. Were you able to figure out what your problem is? I thought mine may have been my port replicator, but it continues after removing that. And mine always seems to do it for sure everytime I have a full screen video playing. Thanks!

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There are probably not enough Toshiba tablet experts on line to assist you with your problem.
Assuming that you have removed all external devices connected to the device and the battery is fully charged. Batteries themselves have a device inside them that will shut down when they overheat or if you draw to much current from them. I'll assume its not the battery.
When a tablet freezes or locks up, it is either a hardware problem or a software problem. The hardware is harder to fix as it may require looking inside the device at the electronics.
Software is perhaps an easier place to start to prove if it is a hardware or software problem. The software divides into 2 categories. The Apps that run on the device and the Operating System that manages the device and the user queries and the data coming & going.
So, the things that you can try are:
1. Do a complete tablet reset. The buttons you use and the method will be in your manual or find the manual as a .pdf file on line.
This restarts the complete reset & power up of the device.
2. Throw out all Apps that have been loaded since purchase. Then reset & test for fault. Assuming of course that you have a backup of all your purchases (Music, Apps, Movies, Books etc)
once you have done all this you have completed the software side of diagnosing the problem. If still not solved....
3. The hardware may be faulty or bad. If your not qualified yourself to take it apart then take it to a Toshiba dealer for repair or Warrantee replacement. Record it's serial number first.
5. So... like so many other people... you must have bought this machine because of price, Right? I mean, why else would you buy such an obscure brand of Tablet! Because it was cheap you will now pay the price & perhaps realize why so many people buy the most popular & well supported machines on the market. Android devices are for the Tech guys that like to fiddle & don't like Apple's control or price. So if your not in that class the the options are clear. Although expensive, Apple were the first & are the best in their class.
When did Toshiba start making world class Tablets??? Go Figure!

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The battery may be failing.

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When I am not sure what button to push to enter the BIOS, I start at ESC and quickly run my finger down the row of the F buttons. Don't push each button individually as that will take too long, but run your finger from left to right without stopping.

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Restart the computer, and force it to boot from the Windows XP CD-ROM. Choose "Repair Existing Installation", and see if that fixes the problem.

It might be better to remove the disk-drive, attach it as a "slave" disk-drive in some other computer, and copy all your files onto an external disk-drive.

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You can buy another set of recovery disks from Toshiba

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download DriverMAX FREE and update drivers.

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Use this service manual to solve the problem.

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NOTE: Ususally when computers DO NOT find any startup information on the SELECTED DRIVE (like when you click a key) it goes to the default drive.
Meaning it is probably your Harddrive is broken, or your connection from hard drive to motherboard is broken

Burn a Live CD bootdisk of some linux distribution
liek Slax, google it.
Burn it to a bootable CD and put it into your drive, then select to boot from it.
If it boots only using your CD ROM drive, if that works then its probably not your BIOS/rest of computer, which is good.

And while in the live cd, you can see your harddrive and see files, that means its not broken its just your connection to it....either way im guessing youll have to send it in.

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in what way can't you use it? does it turn on ?

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^The question is NOT asking about a USB thumb drive, and a lot of people seem to have failed to understand this.
This is a comprehensive forum thread regarding digitizers that work with Penenabled Tablet PCs:
I don't believe Bamboo pens work.

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